Fresh Fish Basket is an online fresh fish and meat purchase and delivery shop. Customers can order fresh fish,seafood, meat as well as grocery and get it delivered to the doorstep by choosing appropriate delivery time slots after making online payment.

The Challenge

  • The products are perishable items and needs distribution network to reduce time between storage and delivery
  • Delivery needs to be made in various time slots, according to customers preference
  • Time slots should be presented leaving enough time for logistics, and yet fast enough to maintain freshness of the delivery
  • Provide the customer a easy shopping experience to select, purchase, and pay for the produce
  • Provide the customer options in not just selecting their favourite fish/meat, but also choose their preferred cuts
  • Provider the customer easy order tracking options to give them confidence
  • Allow the customer to order from anywhere, conveniently
  • Provide tools for customer engagement
  • Allow easy collaboration with distribution partners
  • Provide tools for business management

The Solution

  • A fully customised e-commerce solution backed with multi warehouse inventory management system
  • A fully customised shipping and tracking solution based on delivery postal codes
  • Fully customised time slot algorithm keeping in mind order day and timing and distance from the nearest warehouse
  • Intuitive UI across all platforms for easy purchase, with custom drawn icons for easy of understanding using less text
  • The solution allows not just choosing the desired fish/meat, but also select appropriate cutting options
  • SMS based order updates, as well as live order tracking allows customers to be aware of the status of their order and when it will be delivered
  • The Customer can order from website as well as from android and iOS apps
  • The solution provides customer engagement tools such as referral program, discount coupons, push notifications
  • The system supports a franchisee model and easy collaboration with local franchisee warehouses and delivery partners

The result

The solution is deployed in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, and Kolkata at the moment, and preparing to launch in other metro cities of India. Within a short duration of launch, have received very good reviews from customers regarding quality of produce and service.

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