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The steps for digital transformation can vary depending on the specific goals and needs of an organization, but generally, here's our approach:

How to succeed at Digital Transformation

When harnessed properly, automation offers tremendous opportunities, but requires careful planning and execution to reap the benefits. A combination of domain knowledge, technology, governance structure and process expertise is essential for optimal and effective implementation of automation.

Identify appropriate use cases which can be automated to give gains

Start with small quantifyable gains

Set realistic
ROI goals

Standardize processes that are automated

Establish Governance structure

Structuring helps set deadlines, provide guidlines and mitigate risk factors

Choose appropriate tools

If possible also maintain an internal team to continue the process

Re-engineer inefficient processes to suit automation

Aim to minimize exceptions in rules

Strong collaboration between business and IT is essential

Important to consider process nuances and business domain's point of view

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