Assured ownership of product

All the work done is in work-for-hire model, where you own the fully copyright and intellectual property of the final product.

Assured Privacy

Sensitive knowledge, information and materials such as source codes and documents about your product are protected with an NDA.

Wide range of skills

With skilled engineers in 200+ in-demand tech skills, we've got you covered to cater to any of your tech requirements.

Adherence to Industry Standards

All work done will be performed following best industry practices in terms of coding convention, documentation and architecture.

Project management tools

All source codes are hosted in private GIT repositories, tied to Agile SDLC tools and automated CI/CD for effortless deployment/rollback.

Managed resources for optimized returns

Have a great idea but worried about the tech challenges? Have no fear, our business analysts will help you plan and execute your project.

Looking for fixed cost engagement?

Know about it Know about it

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