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Addatimes is a Bengali streaming platform that provides users access to movies, web series, and other shows through multiple channels, including web, Android app, iOS app, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Samsung.

In 2017, Addatimes partnered with us to develop an over-the-top (OTT) video streaming solution that could handle its growing user base and provide a seamless customer experience.

The problem

It was clear that the solution needed to solve the following core problems:

Fragmented ecosystem

The ecosystem was highly fragmented between Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Blackberry platforms. Each of the platforms used different technologies, and handled media differently. Hybrid platforms like Cordova attempted to solve this problem, but had a significant performance problem, especially on media rich apps.

Developing native apps increased the cost and maintenance overhead, as there were fractures within each ecosystem as well, especially in Android, with stock Android and customized android ROMS often differing in behavior. 

Managing costs

The biggest challenge was managing the cost of the project while still providing a good customer experience. The team needed to develop a scalable platform that could handle millions of users simultaneously while ensuring that the platform was accessible to users with different devices and internet speeds.

lack of standardization

Another major challenge was the lack of standardization in the streaming industry. There were no clear guidelines for video quality, streaming protocols, or security standards, which made it difficult for the development team to ensure compatibility with different devices and software.

This required the team to constantly test the platform and make adjustments to ensure that it was working well on all devices. 

Managing content aggregation and distribution

The distribution of content within the ecosystem requires collaboration with multiple stakeholders such as content aggregators, distributors, ISPs, and local cable operators.

This involves managing content distribution, third-party customers, and pre-packaged offers with external entities, all of whom have their own unique integration requirements and challenges.

The solution

We worked closely with Addatimes to create a scalable, reliable, and easy-to-use OTT platform. We started by adopting a multi server architecture, and leveraging the various services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to create the building blocks of the solution.

This created several independent systems capable of various important tasks, such as:

Video ingestion & storage

Video transcoding

Video delivery through cdn

Content management through a cms

Customer management through a crm

Customer insights for business intelligence

Each of these components were improved over time with feedback from the customers, and also based on the changing market situations, such as -

Apple HLS streaming which was initially implemented with AVC (H.264) was later updated to support HEVC (H.265) and also the later AV1 codecs

Per frame transcoding optimization was implemented to achieve better picture quality at lesser bit rate

CRM and CMS systems of the platform has also been improved over time to better engage with customers and handle common customer issues

Business Intelligence was developed by brainstorming key performance indicators and mapping them to understand user behavior, demographics and journey to make pricing adjustments as well as content development strategy.

The Result

The Addatimes OTT platform was launched in 2016 and quickly gained popularity in the Bengali-speaking community. Within the first year, the platform had over a million registered users, and it continues to grow at a steady pace. 


Registered users in the 1st year
voicequest screen

The Addatimes case study highlights the challenges of developing an OTT platform in an ecosystem where one did not exist before. The solution demonstrates how effective collaboration between a software development company and its client can lead to a successful outcome. The team's ability to manage costs while still providing a high-quality customer experience is a testament to their technical expertise and innovative thinking.

Ultimately, the Addatimes OTT platform's success is proof that effective software development can help businesses succeed in a highly competitive market.  

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