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Understanding CFDI

CFDI - Comprobante Fiscal Digital por Internet is a digital invoice format used in Mexico and also some other Latin American countries.

CFDI is an electronic XML document issued and registered with Mexico's Tax Authority (SAT) upon sale of goods or services to a customer.

The CFDI includes information about the transaction, such as the type of goods or services sold, the price, and the taxes paid.

As of 2014, all businesses in Mexico are required to issue CFDIs for all taxable transactions.

Customers must use CFDI documents to claim deductions on their tax returns, or verify a transaction.

CFDIs are an important part of the tax system in Mexico and ensures that businesses are complying with their tax obligations.

is a SAT Recognized authorized provider with the powers to facilitate generation of CFDI Compliant Invoices in Mexico and has been providing invoicing as a SAAS service since 2015.

Need for Speed

Factura360® wanted to provide the following benefits to the customers

CFDI For large and
small businesses

Allow both large and small businesses to be easily CFDI compliant

Fast document

Create sealed CFDI documents fast, at a rate of 5 documents/second.

Maximum flexibility

Allow maximum flexibility in terms of the types of businesses covered, and types of documents supported

White labelled SAAS

Easily integrated with minimal adjustments to the company's existing system, regardless of technology.

Room for customization

Offer the customers flexibility of business specific customizations if required.

High level of security

Maintain high level of security while storing the customer data and files.

The Solution


SAAS Solution with SOAP and REST Web Service Interface


Private information encrypted using strong AES Encryption


Multi Tenant White Labeled Solution


Proprietary batch TXT format for fast bulk invoice processing


Proprietary document validation engine for fast document validation

The Result


Years of


per second
per customer


generated in
the last 5 years

Technologies Used

Laravel Framework for PHP
Angular framework for Front End
REST & SOAP APIs for Webservice
AES Rijndael for Encryption
BCrypt for password Encryption

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