A Menu where the Dish is served before you order.

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CheckPlate is a SAAS Platform which is looking to reinvent the Food and Beverage Industry by rethinking how menus are presented.

After the Covid Pandemic, many hotels and restaurants have done away with the physical menu, opting instead for the digital menu through which customers can order their favourite dishes and drinks.

CheckPlate wants to take this one step further to improve the menu ordering experience for the customer. Often, a customer may come across a new and exotic dish, but the description or a simple image does not tell the full story.

Show, don’t tell

CheckPlate takes the digital menu one step further by providing not just menu descriptions and images, but also, realistic 3D renders of the dish or drink, in Augmented reality, showing the customer just what they are about to get.

The challenge

The project presented a multitude of challenges that needed to be overcome to not only technically accomplish the project but also for it to be practically viable.

Creating 3D models from images had to be made easy with good results

Needed to support different devices and platform

Needed to work in different lighting conditions (many restaurants have low ambient light)

Not all phone/tablet cameras are suitable for this.

The Solution

Using a customized workflow on the cloud coupled with a special camera app that guides the user to taking 180 degree images of the snapshots, we were able to generate a 3D model from the images using any modern camera phone in minutes, and be available for display in the dynamic 3D Menu.

The Result

A whole new way of experiencing the menu increases customer engagement, and aids in creating a memorable experience.

The possibilities are endless with further augmentation, like displaying more information, or gamification.

Experience it yourself

voicequest screen

Technologies Used

Swift for iOS
Kotlin for Android
Vuforia SDK
ARKit for iOS
ARCore for Android
Apple Object Capture

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