Blazing Fast Transactions in a Crypto Wallet

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XXXXXX is a young member of the Crypto world, running a cryptocurrency based on proprietary technology where currency is saved with a unique bytecode in several redundant ledgers throughout the world.

As a part of the ecosystem, a crypto wallet will be available to the users to make transactions and store the coins locally within their Android or iOS devices.

The problem

Transactions were happening by the usage for REST APIs over HTTP which were a bottleneck and stopped the system from achieving advertised level of speed in transactions.

The requirement was to have the capability to transact a few hundred thousand units of currency in a second or two at the most, including ledger verification at the cloud.

It was clear that this could not be achieved over the HTTP Protocol

The Solution

We worked with a diverse group of engineers who worked on the server side infrastructure and most of the operations were converted to make use of either TCP/IP or UDP protocols for increased speed and performance with a proprietary binary data structure and communication protocol.

The Result


Increase in transaction speed

>2 secs

Time taken in completing transactions

Technologies Used

Swift for iOS
Kotlin for Android
TCP/IP and UDP protocols
PNGLib Specifications
AES for Encryption

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