Real time analytics for gas sensors

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XXXX is a pioneer in the wireless gas monitor ecosystem,developing combustible and toxic gas monitors and licensed radio telemetry systems for industrial usage.

The company wanted to couple their true wireless gas detection with an equally sophisticated dashboard and analytics system which will help engineers and managers at factories to get real time updates, analytics and gas/power trouble alarms.

The requirement

To really achieve the true potential of the wireless gas sensors, here’s what was needed


Capability of monitoring data in real time


Capability of getting alarms in real time


Multi tenant based white labeled solution for customers


Custom data handshaking and translation configuration for sensor registration data interpretation


Flexibility in user hierarchy for customers who are installing for self use, as well as resellers


Flexibility to control alarm/statistics visibility


Wide compatibility with multiple sensors and routers


Data security

The solution

Communication medium

MQTT protocol using Mosquitto broker was chosen as the communication medium to allow maximum connectivity between sensors and routers to be able to send the data to the cloud, as it is widely supported.

Interpretation system

A fully customizable sensor specific tag based interpretation system was built to Interpret the sensor data flexibly, with the understanding that every sensor configuration may be different

Real time data

NodeJS and NoSQL and Websockets were used to provide real time data to plot analytical graphs and provide data and alarms in real time.

Management system

A Robust REST API based Customer Management, User Management, and Role based access control system with flexible hierarchy to allow for white labeled, multi tenancy and security.

Notification system

Customized notification system with industry recognized sound and visual alarms to readily inform the engineers of emergency and to avoid being camouflaged with other phone notification sounds.

User training

Facilitation for user training using the drill mode vs live mode.

The result

The real time data analytics and notification system has greatly enhanced the capabilities of the wireless sensor system, leading to greater customer interest and satisfaction, including among world leaders within the industry, with more customers opting for further enhancements and refinement based on their specific business needs.

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Technologies Used

icon Mosquitto MQTT broker
icon Laravel Framework
icon REST APIs
icon JWT based authentication
icon Kotlin for android

Swift for iOS

icon Hybrid database with NOSQL for real time/statistical data, MySQL for transactional data
icon icon NodeJS and Web Sockets for real time communication

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