Design interactive and engaging course materials, such as audio, video, images, tests, PDFs, and PPTs, using powerful tools to organize them into chapters, sections, and topics. Include self-assessment tests with instant scoring to enhance student learning and engagement.


Conduct interactive live classes with students using video conferencing software, promoting active participation, immediate feedback and a sense of community via interactive features such as breakout rooms and whiteboards.


Provide powerful browsing and searching capabilities, such as by subject, category, and other criteria, to aid students in finding relevant courses and enable teachers to effectively promote their course offerings to the appropriate student demographic.


Provide teachers with a content library to help them easily organize, re-use, and access study material for their classes, and give students a readily available reference for when they need it.


Monitor individual student's performance, identify areas of struggle and intervene quickly, and provide targeted feedback and support through a combination of progress tracking, assessment tracking, activity tracking and gradebook.


Equip teachers with actionable insights into the effectiveness of their course material by tracking metrics such as views, interactions, and drop-offs, allowing them to continually revise and improve their content for better student engagement and comprehension.


Allow teachers to design a complete course for the students using a combination of self learning materials, online video conferencing sessions, self assessment tests, as well as online exams.


Promote a sense of community and connection among students and teachers and facilitate learning through interactive discussions and debates on various topics via a social media-style platform that includes features such as discussion boards and Q&A systems that allow for voting and commenting.


Maximize revenue for your courses by utilizing a variety of monetization options, including subscription-based, pay-as-you-go, and micro-transaction models, all of which can be integrated with a secure wallet system for easy financial transactions.


Our white-labeled, fully API-driven platform offers easy customization options for features and user interface to create the optimal solution for your online learning business. Modify existing features or integrate new ones as needed. Also, gain full access to the source code to allow for deeper customizations by your internal engineering team.

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