Learning Management System Development Company

Our LMS solution can help you to create an online learning platform for students and teachers to meet and engage in self-learning or teacher led learning

learning management system development company
  • learning management system development company

    Student/Teacher Meeting & Discovery

    Powerful browsing and searching tools according to subject, category, and other criteria to help students locate relevant courses, and for teachers offering courses/classes to be easily visible to relevant students.

  • LMS Development Company India

    Teacher Led Learning

    Online live classroom with audio/video conferencing, whiteboard, chat, file sharing -- followed by quizzes and polls for teacher led learning.

  • learning management system development company

    Self Learning

    Self learning courses with study material in the form of Video/Audio/Images/Text/PDF or PPT slides, followed by quizzes in various templates and instant scoring to track progress and improvement for effective self learning.

  • LMS Development Company India

    Content Library for Teachers

    Content library for teachers to help teachers organize and re-use study material during or before classes, and also provide ready reference to the students when needed.

learning management system development company
  • LMS Development Company India

    Customizable Teaching Tools

    We offer full customization options in our whiteboarding/content sharing tools, as well as in our quizzing and polling system, to tailor-make the solution according to your specific needs.

  • learning management system development company

    Integration With Online Classrooms

    The LMS fully integrates with a WebRTC based online classroom system for live teaching using audio/video conferencing, chat, and collaborative content sharing.

  • learning management system development company

    White Labelling & Reselling

    We offer a completely white labelled solution which will be customized and designed according to your requirements, with your branding.

  • LMS Development Company India

    Monetization Options

    The solution offers multiple monetization options, like subscription based, or pay as you go, or micro transaction based using a wallet system.

learning management system development company

Technology Stack

We work in various technologies like

PHP Webservice Elastic Search Solr
LMS Development Company India

Create a self learning or teacher led learning management system

Our platform offers a robust set of tools and resources that will allow you to build a platform suitable for internal training and teaching in organizations, schools, colleges, or other academic institutions.

You can also use our LMS platform to create an online learning/teaching site where teachers can register to offer classes/courses and students can sign up for them.

Our Work on Learning Management System

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