Verbal agreements through speech recognition

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Making sure adventure tourists are Risk aware

XXXXXXorganizes adventure tours for various exotic locations around the world, where tourists can experience amazing views along with the adrenaline rush of calculated risk.

The client onboarding process is diversified with independent agents and agencies who can accept bookings from the tourists and all the bookings are passed through SalesForce CRM.

The problem

It was clear that the solution needed to solve the following core problems:


The tourist was unaware of all the tour details because they didn't fully read the document.


The tourist knew the terms but still denied them to gain unfair benefits or refunds.


The booking agent withheld, glossed over, or even misinformed the tourist to make a sale.

Bad reputation

An impression that the company was dishonest and uncaring about customer safety.

The solution

ruling out ignorance, denial, and misinformation.

The tour plan acceptance process was digitized and important clauses were presented in pre-recorded audio segments for easy understanding

Along with signing a written contract, tourists were required to listen to audio explanations of important clauses and verbally agree to them.

Features and benefits

Audio based confirmation

The system plays audio segments of important clauses in sequence, then prompts the user to confirm agreement or request more information by speaking specific keywords.

Recorded acceptance

The system uses a microphone to capture user responses. If there is a negative response, the process stops and a support representative is notified to address any doubts before the user can continue.

Salesforce integration

The entire questions and corresponding answers are then recorded as a single audio conversation and stored within the CRM attached with the lead and the signed consent.

Clarity & credibility

The audio recording prevents misinformation and willful denial because people are unlikely to agree to something they don't understand, and it serves as proof and a deterrent.

The Result


Drop in Negative reviews and complaints from tourists, leading to increased trust in the brand, and improved onboarding rate.
voicequest screen

Technologies Used

HTML5 Audio APIs
AWS Transcribe
SalesForce API

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