• August, 21 2020
  • by Ascentspark Software

Augmented Reality Solutions are steadily gaining the reputation of becoming some of the most sought-after software solutions of not only the future, but also the present. Augmented Reality – a technology that can superimpose an image that is computer-generated over a user’s real world view; thus augmenting reality with something virtual instead of actual -- can augment the fortunes of many a profession, business, and enterprise. It has been constantly proving itself useful for almost every sphere of life. Be that Medical Science, to Education, to Fashion, to Real Estate, and more, AR can be useful everywhere.

Just how Augmented Reality Solutions can profit your business is a question with endless possibilities for answers.

As per reports, AR is expected to become a $ 100 billion industry in 2020. In fact, many are expecting AR to lead the consumer industry, with AR products like headsets and apps getting popular, too.

Let us look at some of the intriguing Use Cases of AR.

Medical Science

AR can assist Medical Science in various ways. It can enable doctors to visualize their patients’ internal organs, without performing any surgery on their persons. Chances of medical errors can be reduced with the aid of AR, and surgeries can be performed with greater precision. Ultrasound, too, can be possible via AR.


AR can assist in the improvement of the quality of education that is imparted, and received. It can leverage the use of smartphones and tablets to help students to learn better. Student engagement can be increased. Complex, abstract concepts can be explained better with the help of AR. For example, students can ‘virtually view’ the Solar System, or a chemical reaction in progress, without having to actually handle concentrated acids. Musical notes, too, can get simplified with the help of AR.

AR can enhance physical books. For instance, if a student comes across a difficult word while reading a book, its meaning can pop up, saving him/her the time of going through a dictionary, or checking the meaning on Google.

Skilled education, such as the kind required in the field of Mechanical Engineering, can get easy with the help of Augmented Reality. A skilled professional can also do a job with immense precision with the help of AR.


AR virtual try on solutions can enable people to try on jewelry without touching them. This can save jewelers a lot of money on showroom security, manpower, etc. The best of jewels can be on display 24/7, with customers free to try them on, without the jewelers having to worry about theft, and other such risks. Promotion and sales can thus increase to a great degree, with the help of AR.

Just like in the case of jewelry, Augmented Reality can enable potential customers to try apparel on, virtually, too.

Certain cosmetics, too, can be virtually tried on, with the help of AR.

Here, we see how items such as garments, and cosmetics, can be worn, ‘virtually’, without any direct, physical contact with them. This can make the process of trial completely safe, hygienic, and fresh, minus any extra effort from the company, post having an AR solution in place. No one would have to wash, dry, iron clothing post trials. No one would have to organize sample packs of cosmetics for trial, either. A lot of time, money, manpower, energy, products, and work can be saved there, while having every worthwhile item on display 24/7. 

Real Estate

Property buyers and sellers can virtually walk through a property anytime, and from anywhere, with the help of Augmented Reality Solutions, and Live 3D Floor Plans. The entire experience can be interactive, user controlled, dynamic, and affordable – with easy online access.


Restaurants can use AR for a lot of very important purposes like displaying their fare through virtual menus, keeping their guests entertained in the most unique ways through animation, and so on.

Furniture / Home Décor

Furniture purchase and decisions related to home décor can get a lot easier with the help of AR. You can virtually see how a piece of furniture is going to look and fit in your home, office, etc. before buying it. This can give you a clear idea of what will suit and fit your space best, saving you the time, money, and energy of having to return or replace items that do not fit in.

Virtual Showrooms For Cars

New cars can be displayed 24/7 in virtual showrooms – in all their specifications, dimensions, color options and so on. No need to worry about physical showrooms, space, security, manpower, and the costs all these, and more factors, can involve. No need to worry about expensive and rare cars getting damaged, either.

Print Products Enhancement with Digital Content

AR can make it possible for print products to get enhanced with digital content. Contents like 360 degrees overlay videos, 3D models plus animation, and 3D images can be added. AR content can be checked on the app before it gets published. Brand campaigns can be created, too.

These are not all. AR can do a lot more for you, like connect two colleagues virtually, even if the two of them are working miles apart from each other.

The Tourism Industry can benefit from AR, too. AR applications such as Google Culture can furnish you with all relevant information as you pass by a portrait, or a historical landmark. With AR there, you might not require the services of a guide, while on tours.

Augmented Reality can assist Field Service and Law Enforcement. AR can help law enforcement officers to detect if someone’s lying, by analyzing their speech, and movements. AR can self-examine a scene of crime and point out clues that might have been missed by the officers.

AR can help the Military gain greater efficiency, by crowdsourcing data and telling which are civilian locations, and which can be hostile targets.

AR can bring about a revolution in the sphere of Infrastructure. With AR solutions, blueprints can get envisioned prior to getting created. Work like repairing buildings can get easier, with builders being able to visualize the parts that have been damaged, and take action with greater velocity.

Grocery Shopping can get healthier with AR. The food items you want to buy can have their nutritional value displayed alongside them, courtesy AR.

AR Gaming has been trending, too, ever since Pokemon Go. AR can make immersive gaming the norm, soon enough.

With Augmented Reality at work, you might be able to visualize the traffic, as well as the weather, before you leave your house. You might even get help in locating things like a missing kerchief, or keys, with AR.

AR can help us work better, too. Organizing things can get easier. Instead of sticking notes to act as reminders, AR glasses can be utilized to pin reminders on to real objects, boosting visualization.

AR can bring about improved Task Management capability. Mixing physical and digital items can alter the way we handle folders, files, and mail.

AR can upgrade the entire control system, so to say. With AR solutions the possibilities can be ‘virtually’ endless.

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