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Ever since Augmented Reality technology has become an integral part of most marketing strategies, agents and property dealers are rapidly incorporating it to impress tech-savvy customers, and boost business. Whether you see it from a real estate property seller’s perspective or a buyer’s, Room/Floor Planning is immeasurably important now.

A room/floor plan presents an aerial view of a property; illustrating the entire layout of the place, indicating the positions of walls, rooms, stairs -- even stories -- and showing installations such as kitchen cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, appliances, etc. A room/floor plan discloses room sizes, room types, and the lengths of walls. Furniture layouts might also be included in such plans.

Kinds of Room/Floor Plans

  1. 2D Floor Plan drawings are flat, without indicating the perspective of depth. They can be sketches, blueprints, or computer drawings, showing the rooms and walls of a property from above.
  2. 3D Floor Plan shows the perspective and height of a piece of property, and is more detailed than a 2D Floor Plan. It portrays the flooring, windows, etc. and can also feature furniture, illustrating a room’s scale, and how a room can be furnished. This type of a floor plan is especially helpful for remodeling projects, home designing, and real estate marketing.
  3. Live 3D Floor Plan lets a person take a virtual, interactive walkthrough – a 3D tour of the floor plan -- at a button-click. Effective 3D rendering and visualization technology can make it possible for a prospective seller/buyer to take a virtual walk through the whole property. S/he can
    • Walk on from one room to another, as if physically present at that site
    • Take assistance from an avatar to navigate through the place
    • Fly over the piece of land to inspect its layout from each and every angle

Virtual walkthroughs are enjoyable, engaging, as well as very informative. The effect is almost similar to that of surveying the property by being there in person.

Ideal for

  • Marketing Real Estate Properties
  • Viewing a Property
  • Home Design
  • Renovation Project
  • Viewing a Project

Plus Points

  1. Immediate Effect. Changes carried out in the floor plan can be viewed in an instant. No turnaround time needed.
  2. Easy Access Online. The live 3D interactive walkthrough can be accessed 24/7, through a computer, or a mobile device.
  3. Economical. This can be a great alternative to virtual tours which are expensive, and which have to be created onsite with video, or 3D cameras.
  4. Lifelike 3D Visualization. It is next to getting a real feel of what a place actually looks like.
  5. User-controlled. Interactive. Dynamic experience. There can be many ways of walking through and looking at such a 3D project.

Live 3D Floor Plans can be shared with clients, friends, and family. Links can be added to Email, or even embedded on the website.

The Rising Importance of Real Estate Room/Floor Planning Research shows that:

  • Floor Plans have become more important than summary descriptions, or even the main images of a piece of property. A floor plan is the first thing buyers want to see, when they think of purchasing property. Buyers consider floor plans more definitive than pictures, which can be deceptive at times.
  • Home-hunters do not want to be wasting time on a property without looking at its floor plan first. People wanting to buy a piece of property prefer those options which are ready with floor plans, rather than spending time on viewing a place without a floor plan to check, first.
  • Most buyers are not likely to show any interest in a property having no floor plan. More than one third of buyers reveal that they want to see the layout of all rooms. A floor plan can exhibit the flow of a piece of property. It can show the rooms’ dimensions – which is very necessary for a person to understand while deciding to buy a property.

If you are planning to buy property, seek one that has a floor plan ready for you to go through. In case you are planning to sell property, do ensure you have your floor plan ready.

We, at Ascentspark, can help you, either way, with our experience and expertise. We can provide you with customized solutions related to Augmented Reality Real Estate Room/Floor Planning. You are absolutely welcome to contact us, any time, for a free consultation.

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