• June, 7 2019
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Augmented Reality has, with steadily remodeling technology and scope, become a vital tool for marketing now. Decision-makers are taking advantage of its potential in many ingenious and money-making ways – one of them being the Furniture and Home Decor Try On Apps, with the help of which you can virtually position a piece of furniture or a chandelier, vase, or even a painting anywhere you want to, to see how it looks and fits there, before buying it and having it actually installed.

AR Furniture and Home Decor Try On Apps have been applauded by customers to such a great extent that these apps are boosting every business that has had the insight of utilizing them, to keep up with the modern tech times.

For example:

As stated in a report in LinkedIn, the IKEA 2014 product catalog had a mobile app to go with it. This app let potential customers try on furniture virtually to see how it would look where they wanted it placed. From featuring only 43 pieces of furniture in the initial installment of the app, matters improved at such a brisk rate for IKEA that it, before long, found that its app had achieved traction enough to have downloads exceeding 8.5 million.

Informed another report in IBISWorld, that roughly 15% of the US furniture market – which was a $70 billion one – had moved online. And this had happened way back -- in 2017.

Your business, likewise, can gain appreciably from the Augmented Reality Furniture Try On App. Let us see how:

  1. You can attract customers by letting them try your furniture out, virtually. You can let consumers see how your furniture would suit their office or home décor, through their phones or tablets. Potential customers can see an augmented reality version of the space where they are planning to install new furniture, and have complete sets of furniture dropped and positioned, virtually, there.
  2. You can impress customers with 3D rendering enhanced design experiences, letting them survey your furniture, virtually, from each and every angle; anywhere, anytime. 360-degree views of the household objects you sell can enable a user to check how they can look, from every angle, in his/her home/office. This can be achieved simply through a smartphone, without the customer having to actually reach your store in person.
  3. You can assist potential customers to pick furniture through computer vision which can convert their phones into a device to help in measuring. You can assist a customer to calculate whether a piece of furniture can even get in through his/her main door or not; or whether it can fit that difficult space where s/he plans to keep it. This renders choosing furniture very comfortable and systematic for a person. Phones can also perform as measuring devices; since when someone starts encoding products in 3D, the products’ measurements are captured concurrently.

Technology, evidently, is paving the way for more efficacious, more immersive online shopping experiences. The future seems more and more propitious.

Are you getting ready to present consumers with a brand new experience to visualize how the objects they buy will look in their new environment?

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