• May, 24 2019
  • by Ascentspark Software

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Augmented Reality Technology, taking over extensive areas of retail, business, and e-Commerce, is becoming a necessity for survival in the market, now. Any advertising campaign using AR is certain to be successful with today’s generation of consumers, and the new concept of “try on” has become especially prominent; moving on from clothes and accessories, to something that is considered more exclusive, attractive, and expensive – jewelry.


An Augmented Reality Jewelry Try On App lets a shopper try rings, earrings, necklaces, etc. on, without having to visit a store, or touching the pieces, in actuality. A customer can simply download the app onto an Android, or iOS smartphone.

Fundamental Features

  • Customers can view and virtually wear the entire range of jewelry available
  • Buyers can customize the shape, size, setting, carat, metal, etc. of the gems, and ornaments on display, to suit their requirements and budgets
  • On selecting a piece of jewelry, a customer can add it to a shopping cart just as e-Commerce apps usually have. S/he can either buy that piece, or keep it aside for future reference
  • The app is simple to use. Orders are equally easy to place

Plus Points

  1. This unique marketing strategy can connect your products to countless potential customers via their smartphones in a moment, and attract their attention to all the jewelry you put on display. This can augment the scope of sales
  2. Stores can display their jewelry through the app, almost any time, anywhere, without worrying about locations, timings, and -- last but not the least – the security of high-priced items
  3. Shoppers can receive important information on each and every product – such as the history of its creation, value, size, etc. so that they can be better informed while making a choice
  4. Customers can virtually wear and select jewelry from the comfort of their houses or offices. This can save their time, travel expenses, and energy
  5. The option to customize pieces of jewelry to suit the customers can stop them from visiting other stores, thus retaining customers
  6. People trying jewelry on through AR apps have been found to be more than 30% disposed to either buy the products, or call the company to make enquiries

Are you planning to have an AR Jewelry Try On App organized, to improve the visibility and popularity of your products, attract more customer engagement, and take ROI and your business profits a few notches higher?

Feel free to contact us at Ascentspark any time for a free-of-charge consultation on Augmented Reality Jewelry Try On Apps. We have the requisite experience and expertise to present you with just the solutions that you would require for success.

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