• May, 31 2019
  • by Ascentspark Software


A restaurant is all about the food it serves, therefore, the best step you can take to render your food greater in demand, is to make it attract more and more people. Reach out to not just your regular or current customers, but potential ones, too, by presenting your fare in all its attractive dimensions, through an Augmented Reality Food Menu App -- the latest trend dominating Restaurant Marketing.

Just running a ‘good restaurant’ is not enough, anymore. Customers have smartened up additionally in today’s age of smartphones -- and smarter technology. They prefer to see the food before believing it is good enough to be ordered.

The good news is that you can make it possible for customers to just point their smartphone devices at your menu for viewing additional, interactive information. Impress people by letting them view the food –in 3D splendor -- on your menu from all angles, along with its accompaniments, too, as if it were all present right there on their desks. An Augmented Reality Food Menu App can make this -- and a lot more – happen.

What The Augmented Reality Food Menu App Can Do For You:

  1. Increase the Level of Visibility and Information. You can have your AR Food Menu customized, to present comprehensive information on each and every dish mentioned – like the ingredients used, nutrition value, size of portions, 360 degrees visualization, recipes, calorie count, etc.
  2. Hike the Number of Items Sold. The apps can be programmed such that they suggest suitable accompaniments while displaying a dish. For example, a main course with starters, or beverages to accompany the main course, and so on. Owing to this, your restaurant can have a larger number of food items, and drinks ordered, and sold.
  3. Boost Direct Marketing and Promotion. You can directly market and promote special discounts or dishes, happy hours, and other schemes and products via AR food menu apps.
  4. Augment Engagement of Customers. These apps can be customized to display a variety of content on demand; for example, videos of dishes being prepared, interviews with chefs, testimonials of customers, and so on, to engage customers better and bring about wider brand visibility.
  5. Provide Customer Opinion. Through the AR food menu apps, you, the business owner, can understand important things like which of the promotional features are being viewed the most by customers, which dishes are getting more popular, etc. These apps can have built-in features that function as tools for collecting data related to your customers’ preferences. They can collect and sort answers to provide you with some very essential information related to your business.
  6. Help Customers Find Your Restaurant. If your food mobile app is location-based, it can display several locations over real time images, so as to help people reach your restaurant.
  7. Present Animated Characters to Inform and Entertain. Once a customer orders a dish, an animated character can appear on the table, showing the guest/s how the dish has been readied, what to expect on the plate/s, etc. The customer/s can even click selfies with this animated character. You can organize a truly unique experience for diners.

The Process:

  1. The app is downloaded by the users.
  2. The users then point their smartphones at the menu card, table, or any horizontal surface.
  3. Users begin to interact with the dishes on the menu through multimedia.

The process is that simple.

The Platforms: The AR Food Menu App can be created for



Some supported Web browsers

Customers can access it through their cell phones, and tablets.

AR is all set to reign over the food industry. Are you, in your turn, about to make the most of this trend by upgrading your restaurant menu to an AR one?

We, at Ascentspark, would be happy to provide you with all possible guidance regarding developing an Augmented Reality Food Menu Application for your restaurant. We have been handling various such projects with complete ease and expertise. You are most welcome to contact us any time for a free-of-charge consultation, and a customized solution for your business.

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