Speech to Text Transcription System

Fast, Accurate Transcription with Automatic Multi-speaker Detection

  • AI Backed Transcription

    AI algorithms allow intuitive transcriptions including removal of filler words, understanding common abbreviations, and industry-specific terms for enhanced accuracy.

  • Speaker Identification

    Detect speakers in a multi-person audio transcription and allow separate transcriptions for each speaker.

  • Intuitive Review and Edit

    Intuitive Interface lets you review the transcription against the audio timeline, and perform live edits.

  • Self Learning and Correction

    Supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms are built in to allow improvement in accuracy of the solution as it receives more Training Data.

  • Transcription Export

    Export transcribed text in popular formats like Text or CSV, delivered either via Email, Download on Demand, Auto- uploaded to a Location, or Available via API.

Technology Stack

We work in various technologies like

PHP Webservice Elastic Search Solr

Fast, Accurate Transcription with Automatic Multi-speaker Detection

Our Speech to Text Transcription solutions can provide fast and accurate transcriptions for various business use cases - be it the case of Speech Analytics Solutions, the delivery of Message Transcriptions, or Conference Call Transcriptions. Get the maximum value as you work towards mining your Audio Data for insights, augmenting the efficiency of your workforce, making sure of regulatory compliance, getting protection from fraud, and, of course, finding new ways for improving the customer experience.

Our Work on Speech to Text Transcription System

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