Smart Device Solutions

Drive Digital Transformation Into Everyday Life

  • NFC Based Solutions

    Through this short-range wireless connectivity, you can exchange data via P2P (Peer-To-Peer) network devices that use inductive-coupling technology. Enjoy Mobile Payment and Contactless Payment with Integrated E-Money Solution. Have NFC-enabled wearable devices to serve as Electronic Identity Cards, and Keycards. Share videos, photos, cards, and more, simply with a tap, or close proximity between two devices. Especially useful in Advertising, Marketing, Health Care, and Social Media. Excellent solutions in areas such as payment, transportation, and digital exchange.

  • RFID Based Solutions

    Use electromagnetic fields to track and identify tags, automatically, on various objects, with the help of RFID. This method of Automatic Identification And Data Capture (AIDC) is particularly useful in Automobile Industry, Pharmaceuticals, and implanting RFID microchips in livestock and pets for their positive identification. Other solutions like Asset Management, Library Management, Vehicle Tracking, Campus Automation, and RFID Based Solutions for Schools etc. are also in great demand. Identification, Authentication, and Automation are prime concerns of RFID Based Solutions.

  • IoT Based Solutions

    Internet of Things (IoT) Based Solutions help in transferring information securely, connecting devices, analyzing opportunities, and managing tasks, providing a safe, secure environment for operation and business development. Get customized solutions that work by understanding the need of your business and coming up with a framework, tailor-making a module to suit your exact purpose, and maintaining the system by operating accordingly. These solutions prove advantageous for most industries, as they boost efficiency and facilitate the creation of new business. Avail solution categories that cater to the unique requirements of connected products, connected users, connected operations, and connected infrastructure.

  • Amazon Alexa Device Apps

    There are Amazon Alexa Device Apps for getting news updates, making shopping lists, listening to music, managing locks, security cameras, TVs, thermostats, smart lights, timers, and alarms, and having a lot more done. Voice search features, too. You have Echo Dot, Echo Auto for your car, Echo Sub, Fire TV Recast for live recording TV, Stick Up Camera for indoor / outdoor security, Alexa Microwave, Alexa Clock, and more.

  • Google Home Apps

    Enjoy the benefits of Google Home Apps like AutoVoice, that lets you create personalized commands for your Google Home. There are Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora and others for on demand content, playlists, and so on. IFTTT, that lets you create custom commands on Google Home, and Google Assistant. Netflix, YouTube. LIFX, Philips Hue for smart lighting. Todoist. TV, HBO Now, Google Play Movies, STARZ, YouTube TV. Most of Google’s own apps, like Gmail, Google Calendar, Maps, etc. work on Google Home. You also have Uber, Domino’s, and Nest.

  • Smart Watch Apps

    The right smart watch apps can turn even a budget-priced smart watch into a powerhouse. There are Wear OS apps that can help you to increase your productivity, stay informed, and even find your favorite entertainment, while on the move. There are apps such as ParKing to find where your car is parked. Google Keep for jotting and accessing notes. AccuWeather. Wear Casts for downloading podcasts. Listens For Alexa. Shopping list app Bring! Citymapper. Fitness tracker Google Fit. There is one app for almost every purpose.

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Drive Digital Transformation Into Everyday Life

The Internet of Things has been filling, very rapidly, the gap between the physical, and the digital worlds. It has turned today’s era into one of true convergence, by hyper-connecting the world through various smart devices. Through this, IoT intends to make human beings more efficient, productive, and thereby, effective. The IoT can bring for you greater efficiency, augmented business intelligence, remote monitoring of office, employees, and even home, increase in productivity of employees, more opportunities, and a reduction in risks. However, you can unlock the complete potential of the Internet of Things only as and when you realize the opportunities for value creation.

Our Work on Smart Device Solutions

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