Inventory Management System

Take the pain away from your inventory and stock control, and manage costs effectively with our inventory and procurement management solutions.

inventory management system
inventory management system for online business inventory management system for ecommerce
  • inventory management system

    Product Management

    Manage your products with our flexible properties matrix to maintain different variations of products with cost price, selling price and inventory level for each variation.

  • inventory management system for online Business

    Inventory Management

    Make inventory count easily via Barcode, QR code or RFID, and gain clear insights into your stock, inventory cost, and on demand products.

  • inventory management system for ecommerce

    Multiple Warehouse Support

    Manage stock across multiple warehouses easily and effectively, and gain more flexibility for your business by using stock transfer or Locate A Product feature.

inventory management system
  • inventory management system

    Procurement Management

    Manage your procurements efficiently across multiple vendors based on clear insights related to demand and availability.

  • inventory management system for online business

    Analytics and Insights

    Customized analytics and insights provide you with important information like predicting seasonal demand or decline so that you can manage your stock effectively and meet demands efficiently.

  • inventory management system for ecommerce

    More features with Integration

    Our inventory solutions can be integrated with other related solutions like the POS system or invoicing system to further customize and suit your business requirements.

inventory management system

Technology Stack

We work in various technologies like

PHP Webservice Elastic Search Solr
inventory management system

Manage your inventory and procurement with clear insights

Our solutions can help you get a clear idea of your current stock, demand, and procurement status in real time, and can even handle multiple warehouses at a time.

Manage products with variations in size/color and other parameters and maintain a separate inventory for each one.

Automate stock entry via Barcode scanning, QR code scanning or RFID for a fast, easy and accurate stock count.

Perform actions like ordering stock, or transferring stock between warehouses, or locating a product across multiple warehouses to give your business the required flexibility in its day to day operations.

Our inventory and procurement management system can be fully customized according to your business requirements, and also integrated with other components like POS system or invoicing system to give you a full business solution, helping you generate more profit by solving problems like over or under-stocking, and using the most effective procurement strategies to reduce cost.

Our Work on Inventory Procurement Management

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