Data Scraping System

Fast and powerful web crawling and scraping

Our scraping platform is a solution that lets you perform web crawling, web scraping, or data harvesting and collect data from various sources on the internet, such as websites or via APIs. Once the data is harvested, the solution provides powerful tools to process the data, extract useful information, and save it in a structured manner in a database or file.

If your business relies on procuring fast changing data that is aggregated from third-party sources, our solution can help take the pain away from procuring and organizing data, and let you focus on your business, instead.

We have successfully implemented our scraping platform in business use cases like -

  • Best Deals site that performs web crawling and scrapes data to find best deals on a product across various shopping portals.
  • Job classified aggregator site that scrapes for various job openings across different sites and performs data extraction and categorization for easy searching and reference in one place for job seekers.
  • Travel booking site that procures and compares hotel details, hotel rates, and flight rates through a combination of third-party APIs as well as website data harvesting.

Solution Features

Flexible Scraping with Templates

Set up 'templates', easily, for various structures of data which you want to inspect and extract. Templates are flexible and can be easily added and adjusted based on your data sources.

Scrape Pre-login and Post-login Pages

Integrated auto login system enables harvesting data from pages with access restricted by authentication.

Throttled Scraping

The solution supports throttled scraping to not overload data source websites and be detected as a bot or DDoS attempt.

Proxy Integration

Easy integration with proxy servers to enable country/location specific scraping or bypassing regional/IP blocks.

Intelligent Caching Strategy

Uses caching mechanism to avoid re-scraping of already scraped data to improve speed and performance.

Automatic Change Notification

Can be designed to monitor sites and automatically notify in case of content/structure changes.

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