Audio/Video/Image Analysis And Recognition Services

Transform Audio Visual Files into Intelligent Data

  • Object, scene, and activity detection

    Detect objects (e.g. food, vehicles,buildings), people, scenes (e.g. beach, garden) and specific activities from an image or a video frame.

  • Facial Detection and Recognition

    Detect faces in images or recognise identities by matching from a repository of self uploaded images.

  • Face Analysis

    Detect facial features (beard, glasses, smiling), and obtain advanced metadata like happiness, age range etc from an image or video frame

  • Celebrity Recognition

    Detect and identify celebrities from an image or video frame by matching against a pretrained database of popular celebrities.

  • Unsafe Content Recognition

    Detect and label inappropriate content based on configuration options to allow accurate and robust content filtering.

  • Speaker Identification

    From an audio stream, accurately identify the number of speakers, and also which speaker is speaking a sentence.

  • Voice Emotion Analysis

    Analyse and detect emotions such has happiness, sadness, and anger for the different speakers within an audio clip.

  • Audio Fingerprinting

    Generate an audio fingerprint from an audio sample, and quickly search within a repository of audio files to detect if any other files match the fingerprint, for usage in audio matching and copyright claims.

Technology Stack

We work in various technologies like

PHP Webservice Elastic Search Solr

Transform Audio Visual Files into Intelligent Data

Digital information has developed immensely in the last ten years, and, alongside, the popularity and importance of image, audio, and video multimedia have augmented exponentially, too. Audio visual information has gradually surpassed text in terms of preferred means of communication and exchanging information. Most businesses now gather more data from their customers in the form of feedback or other information in the form of audio, video, or images rather than text. This poses a challenge for business owners to analyze, categorize, and draw insightful observations from the multimedia data.

Our Audio/Video/Image Analysis And Recognition Solutions enable businesses to harness this data by analyzing and extracting meaningful information that is relevant for your business. These solutions can help convert your uncategorized multimedia data into analyzed, useful pieces of insights and information, helping you take better business decisions, automate business processes, and provide value to your customers.

Our Work on Audio and Video Image Analysis

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