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Creating a mobile presence is an important step for many businesses towards harnessing the popularity of the mobile universe.

A mobile presence can be achieved in many ways, and often there's a debate over what is the best way to make a business' services and information available on the mobile platform.

What kind of mobile presence will be most appropriate for your business varies greatly, depending on the nature of the business, and what the mobile presence is expected to achieve.

Generally speaking, if a business does not have any mobile presence at all, it's best to start with a responsive website with a mobile web application; whereas mobile apps make more sense when a business already has a basic mobile presence in the form of a responsive website/web application, and further wants to streamline the user experience by providing very specific utility services or information via the app.

A mobile web application is like a normal web application, served via the browser by visiting a given URL, but with its user interface optimised specifically for usage through mobiles or tablets. With intuitive UI techniques, our mobile web apps give an "almost app" like user experience, while saving tremendously on the cost and overhead of developing and maintaining an app, allowing you to take the first step towards mobility easily and in a cost effective manner.

Build Web Applications for Mobile

that helps to grow your business

A Great starting point

For overall mobile presence of your business

More users

Reach out to more users with minimal effort

Cost effective

Save tremendously on development cost and maintenance overhead of an app

Almost an app

Intuitive UI techniques mimics the look and feel of the app