3 Ways How You Can Add Video Streaming To The Social Media Strategy Of Your Business


You can see how Video Streaming is becoming a part of the development of every business with each passing minute now. Be it the sphere of Ecommerce, Entertainment, or Education, every industry and company is incorporating video streaming into its growth strategy. Since the development of a business, today, has a lot to do with its presence and reputation on Social Media, video streaming has been getting woven into the Social Media Strategy, as well.

Here are statistics that show how incorporating video into your social media strategy can help you to enhance your ROI.

As per some reports:

  • Videos get shared 1200% times more than texts as well as links put together.
  • When viewers watch something in the form of a video, they can retain 95% of its message. However, they can retain only 10% of a message when they get it through text.
  • Video can bring as much as a 96% increase in the click-through rate.

And there are more such statistics to show how video streaming can help you improve your business.

The point is, HOW to add video streaming to the social media strategy of your business so that you can reap the maximum benefits – despite the presence and efforts of your competitors.

Being innovative in your ideas for employing video for greater success in your business is the key.

This is the point, however, where many business owners / leaders wonder where to find the time for filming, or even WHAT to film. Exactly the questions we are going to address, and find a solution for, here.

1. Answer FAQs Via Video Blogs.

Your customers must be wanting to know a lot about your business, company, products, services, and more. Why not use the Frequently Asked Questions as a reason, as well as a topic for your video blog? This would give you

  • A matter that you are sure your viewers would be interested in
  • A scope to showcase your organization
  • A fresh subject for a new video with every new question
  • A fixed number of viewers promising to grow
  • A sure shot way to multiple and multiply clicks
  • A break from wondering what to film, and writing a script

This should not take up too much of your time and efforts. If you take up one question per video, your videos need not be too long or production-value-rich, either. You can simply show yourself (or someone else) answering a question. The answer would be the ‘script’ by itself. You can show figures on a board, charts, graphs, and so on, as per the requirement of the question.

You can film several videos in one day, since all there is to do is answer a few questions.

Tip: Try changing the clothes for the one before the camera with each answer, so that it is not obvious to the viewers that s/he has been answering several questions and making several videos out of the exercise in one day, wearing the same clothes. The person answering the question can also stand before the department the question is related to. For example, if you are dealing in furniture and the question is related to marketing your products, the one answering the question can stand with your best products / showroom in the background. Or, if your sphere is education and you are answering a question related to Math, you can perhaps stand before a board with the relevant matter on it.

The basic idea is to utilize the time and space to the fullest to impress your audience to the most.

Depending upon how often you can film your answers for streaming your videos can you chalk out the scheduling. One video blog per week can suffice, too, giving you enough time to prepare the next one.


Your videos have to aid your SEO efforts – therefore make sure each one of them has

  • Tagged Keywords
  • Detailed Description
  • Headline

The videos need to be uploaded to your business YouTube channel.

When you post your videos on Facebook make sure they have captions. For this, you have to make an SRT (SubRip Text) File and upload it to your video. It might help for you to remember that about 85% videos on Facebook are watched sans sound.

2. Showcase Your Company While Live Streaming Video on Facebook Live.

Of course you know you can showcase your company on Facebook Live – but how can it be done to give you the best advantage?

By planning expertly.

To make the most of every moment of streaming your video, you need to know:

  • What you want to gain out of streaming the video
  • What you expect your viewers to gain from watching the video
  • What you want your viewers to notice in and about the video
  • What you would like your audience to do AFTER watching the video

Prepare and position your video accordingly, for optimal effect.

For example, if you own a restaurant, you might want to show the world what goes into the preparation of the delicious food that you present.

Plan in advance.

  • You might want to show how a certain dish is prepared.
  • Keep the recipe ready for the video.
  • Keep the ingredients ready for filming the preparation.
  • Keep the best spot of your restaurant ready for acting as a background for the video, or having the dish placed at.
  • You might even want to take your viewers on a virtual tour of your kitchen.
  • Keep a Call To Action at the end, so that your viewers know they are being invited to visit your restaurant and try the dishes you serve there.

Restaurant Marketing is seeing a lot of development in this age of technology and apps – you can add a new dimension to it all by marketing your restaurant smartly through video streaming, as well.

The same applies to other industries like jewelry, garments, real estate, and so on.

People love to watch behind-the-scenes video footage, that shows them what goes into preparing something good, and how your company functions. It helps your viewers bond with not only your products and services, but also your company, augmenting the Loyalty Quotient. Prepare and stream your videos to achieve this goal.

Communicating with your audience while going live on video can increase engagement, and traffic. Let your viewers know when they can watch your next broadcast by setting a date and time.

3. Show Your Business And Work Off Innovatively Through Streaming Videos On Instagram.

  • Had an event at your office that you want to impress the world with? Stream its video on Instagram.
  • Bought a new, state-of-the-art machine for improving the quality of your products, and want investors and patrons to take more active interest in your business now? Publicize your new status through videos on Instagram.
  • Show the world what makes your company so great.
  • Show how neatly and meticulously you create your products.
  • Display a day in your life at work.
  • Show your staff happy at work.

In general, show anything and everything that you believe can engage, and entertain your viewers, while educating them about why they should patronize your products and services.

The more unique your idea for utilizing a video, the better results can it fetch you.

You can add video snippets to your story all day, to stay on the minds of your viewers.

Raring for some ‘Lights! Camera! Action!’ already? We are there to aid you in your mission of achieving the highest ROI through video streaming, should you want to discuss your innovative ideas, or even doubts, if any, with us.

Feel most welcome to contact us here at Ascentspark Software for a free consultation related to video streaming – or even if you want fully customized solutions for video streaming, delivery, distribution, and monetization related to the best interests and development of your company and business.

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