• January, 3 2020
  • by Ascentspark Software

Live video streaming has been gaining in usefulness, uses, and thereby, popularity since a few years now. With a steadily greater development in technology, almost every business or company – whether associated with Entertainment, Ecommerce, or Education – is weaving live video streaming into its working.

The reasons are manifold. Live video streaming has the immense ability to

  • Engage the attention of viewers
  • Develop the trust of the followers
  • Appeal to the people due to its personal nature
  • Get better and better because of continually improving technology and methods that get more affordable with time

All these (if not more) reasons are causing live video streaming to dominate almost all the aspects of digital marketing. Here are some statistics related to live video streaming that we have gleaned for you, so that you can strategize the improvement of your business with the help of this information.

Statistics Related to Live Video Streaming and Business

  1. The companies which use live video streaming can acquire 41% more of web traffic coming from search than the ones that do not. – HubSpot
  2. 80% of the viewers would prefer to watch a brand’s live video than read its blog. – LiveStream
  3. 52% of marketing professionals from all over the world opine that video is the sort of content that can bring about the highest Return On Investment / ROI. – HubSpot
  4. 59% of executives prefer watching a video to reading text. – VideoBrewery
  5. An Email campaign that includes a video can cause about a 200% – 300% hike in the Click Through Rate. – Forrester
  6. 40% of the consumers say that a video can influence them to purchase a product, especially via their mobile devices. – HubSpot
  7. Businesses going for video can develop the company revenue 49% faster year after year, in comparison to those companies that do not use video marketing. – HubSpot

Statistics Related to Live Video Streaming and Communication

  1. A site that displays some video presenting important information can have 88% of visitors staying longer on it. – SingleGrain
  2. There is an amazing hike of 70% every year in the ‘How To’ searches on YouTube for videos that teach. -- HubSpot
  3. Live video content on social media such as Facebook get 10 times higher engagement than regular videos do. – Business Insider
  4. Research carried out on Twitch has revealed that streamers generating content regularly are expected to generate income that is three times more. – Streamlabs
  5. 74% of millennials are of the opinion that live videos can prove to be very helpful for online shopping. – HubSpot
  6. 42% of millennials have created live content, and 63% of them have been watching it. In fact, millennials are the biggest group of people that create, and watch live content. – eMarketer
  7. 67% of the viewers believe the quality of the video to be the most important factor while watching a live video stream broadcast. – LiveStream

Statistics Related to Live Video Streaming and Audience Behavior

  1. Online video is watched by about 100M Internet users – daily. – VideoBrewery
  2. As per Invodo, videos tend to get shared with others by 92% of the consumers of mobile video. – Insivia
  3. 87% of the people would rather watch online video than a standard TV broadcast, if the online video presents them with more behind the scenes content. – LiveStream
  4. When a live video of an event is streamed, 7% of its viewers can be more likely to purchase the tickets to that or a similar event, at a future date. -- LiveStream
  5. 45% of the viewers of live video can be willing to pay for exclusive, live content, and on demand video from their favorite performer, team, or speaker. – LiveStream
More Information You Can Use
  • 1 minute of a video is equivalent to 1.8 million words, when the video is used for the specific purpose of marketing. – Forrester Research
  • Video can enhance SEO – therefore, if the webpage of a company or business has a video, the chances of its appearing on the first page of Google results go up by 53x. – Video Explainers
  • When in a video, a CTA / Call To Action is 95% more effective. – Forbes
  • It is expected that by 2022, 82% of the Internet traffic will be streaming video content. – Cisco
  • Of all the B2B marketers, 73% inform that they can recover their investments quicker with the help of video. – Tubular Insights
  • 93% of businesses can acquire new customers by placing videos on social media. – Animoto
  • Businesses usually create the following kinds of videos:
    • Webinars
    • Demos
    • Social Media Videos
    • Explainer Videos
    • Product Videos
    • Customer Videos
    • How To / Educational Videos
    • Thought Leadership Videos
    • Livestreams
    • Cultural Videos
    • Vlogs
    • One-to-One
  • How videos can be used in marketing strategies:
    • Content Marketing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Demand Generation
    • Customer Marketing


Brand Recognition, as a concept, and requirement – and the goal around the purpose as a whole – has not changed much with time, though the methodology of reaching this target has advanced with the development of technology. Today, traditional marketing methods or tactics are either not much effective, or put to severe test.

Today’s generation, which makes up a large section of today’s audience, is accustomed to modern technology and all that it can offer – including live video streaming, which is extremely popular in every sphere.

Considering live video streaming as a business, career, option, or as a method of your content marketing can prove to be a very wise and lucrative idea.

In case you are wondering how to implement live video streaming into the development of your company so as to garner the maximum ROI, you are most welcome to get in touch with us at Ascentspark Software for a consultation – absolutely free of charge.

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