• December, 24 2020
  • by Ascentspark Software

We all know the importance of Paid Media

Paid Media should be a very integral part of any Digital Marketing Strategy that aims at success. With the help of Paid Media, you can 

  • Engage people where they are utmost receptive
  • Augment brand awareness
  • Drive increased sales and revenue

when you reach your target audience or customers on the third-party platforms on which they spend their online time. 

With the expert utilization of Paid Media, you can develop a loop of awareness feedback where Paid Media can contribute to growing your Earned Media presence, and expanding your online presence. 

A look at Paid Media Trends in 2020, and further

For a Marketing Strategy to be effective, it needs to stand on various tactics. Paid Media is gaining in importance when it comes to reaching the right audience with the right messaging, at the right time. It is being largely believed that with organic social traffic declining, and more of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) getting dedicated to paid advertising placements by search engines, one has to pay in order to increase one’s brand visibility, online. 

Sponsored content can help businesses to attract potential customers whom their existing organic online presence might not have been able to help them access. 

Since there is so much of content getting published on a daily basis, getting the message of your brand to reach its target audience through the crowd and noise can be a challenge. Paid Media can help here in increasing exposure, promoting your brand message, and helping you to connect with those who could be interested in purchasing your products, and / or services. There are a number of Paid Media options that you can utilize for the purpose of amplifying your content, and driving more traffic to your site. 

In order to utilize Paid Media to its utmost, it is important to know the Trends associated with it.

Enhanced Targeting and Augmenting Social Media Budgets. It can be predicted that Social Selling, and Paid Media Targeting are about to get more sophisticated with time. Companies are augmenting their Social Ad budgets, as consumers are making Social Shopping a part of their regular lifestyle. Content and ads, therefore, are getting more and more personalized on social media advertising platforms. 

Facebook can be said to have been at the forefront of personalized advertising since a long time now. Instagram Shopping has also been rolled out. Brands can sell directly on Instagram now.

Major social media platforms have been augmenting the effectiveness, and targeting of their advertising platforms. 

Paid Media Automation. If you have been using PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, you are likely to be aware of Automated PPC Account Management. 

Google Ads has been adding more and more automation options to its dashboard. Automation, and Artificial Intelligence can get included more and more into Paid Media Advertising, and Account Management. 

As per a report, more than 75% of leading companies have been utilizing Marketing Automation for more than three years. Paid Media Automation can enable you to

  • Reach more people with the help of tailored messaging
  • Gain more efficiency
  • Augment the ROI of Paid Media Campaigns

Stories Ads. With smartphone penetration reaching more than 70% of the US population, brands are making use of creative, and dynamic Stories Ads to keep consumers engaged, and to forge interaction with consumers through their mobile devices. 

Stories Ads are likely to get prioritized by brands.

Video Paid Media. With the rollout of 5G, it can be expected that with increasing Internet speed, Video Paid Media will be used more, and can turn more effective for mobile advertising. 

Here are some reports related to Video Paid Media statistics:

  • More than 90% brands have acquired fresh customers via Video Content Digital Advertising
  • More than 85% brands utilize video as a tool for marketing
  • More than 60% of people are likely to make a purchase post watching branded video content on social media
  • In the case of Instagram stories, video content has more than 5% lower skip rate, when compared to static images

Transparency in Paid Media Ad Practices. Reportedly, 80% of US consumers are of the opinion that their purchasing decisions are influenced by their trust in a brand. ASA regulations are catching up with Influencer Marketing. Gifted products and sponsored content are supposed to be acknowledged, with clarity, in social posts. Regulations can increase in the future. 

These are some Trends related to Paid Media that we have mentioned here. 

What needs to be understood is that Paid Media Services need to follow a certain Strategy, in order to gain, and maintain, a certain level of success. Knowing the Trends, and knowing how to use Trends to the fullest, can form a part of Paid Media Services Strategy.

The process requires a certain amount of expertise, and experience, along with information. 

What makes the Paid Media Services Strategy of Ascentspark Software unique 

Our PPC Management is ROI focused. 

We know clients expect – and deserve – their money’s worth, and all our planning and endeavors are channelized towards this goal. 

Our PPC Management Services aim at securing significant and steady synergy across channels, with new, and potential customers. 

Paid Search. 

We devise bespoke approaches, strategies, and tools so that the best possible results can be systematized for our clients. Verified, repeatable best practices form the base of our approach. 


Client Data is layered with Third Party Data by us to develop qualified audiences, select media sources, and come up with creative which inspires engagement from awareness through conversion. Our Display Methodologies are embedded in our understanding of the ways in which Data, Inventory, or Messaging can affect Consumer Behavior. The excellent results delivered by us are brought about by the expert development of programs incorporating

  • Measurement
  • Science of Data

supported by

  • Real-time Targeting
  • Presenting
  • Management of Advertisements

be that on native or traditional banners, videos, or mobiles. 

Marketplaces. Our aim is to enable brands and retailers to function expertly, operating as strategic partners, for incorporating pivotal marketplaces into the media mix and comprehensive channel of a client. We focus on the infallible opportunities across verticals, content development, advertising, optimization, and the complete strategy for the growth of the channel.

We have the requisite expertise, and experience, to provide you with the right service. Get in touch with us at Ascentspark Software. Find out what our Paid Media Services Strategy can do for the benefit of your business.

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