• October, 25 2019
  • by Ascentspark Software

Video streaming is fast becoming an important part of our daily life – as well as livelihood, or business. The very reason why YOU are reading this right now. Now let us look at a matter of immense relevance in current times -- HOW video streaming and VOD can help in the development of 21st century skills – and thereby check in how many ways YOU can utilize video streaming to further your business, and profits, too.

As we know, video streaming is a relatively new tool that is being used in the realms of education. Once a part of the domain of entertainment, video streaming, or VOD, is now proving to be extremely effective in the field of pedagogy, as well. Numerous ways are being devised to utilize it for the purpose of teaching and learning better.

Video assists educators in addressing the different learning processes of different students, as it can present information in the form of images, sound, text, and more.

Video can also help teachers to bring improvement in the way students

  • Access
  • Imbibe
  • Follow
  • Incorporate


  • Utilize


Video streaming might not be able to substitute good teaching entirely, but it can certainly act as a catalyst – and a very effective one, at that – in student engagement, and student retention. No wonder then, that it is fast becoming a necessity in imbibing and developing 21st century skills.

Improving Digital and Multimedia Literacy. Of course, video streaming needs to make use of digital and multimedia literacy, which improve for a learner, as time progresses. Multimedia also assists a student in developing and honing skills that are extremely necessary in the 21st century world, like –

  1. Communication
  2. Collaboration
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. Problem Solving

On the other hand, when students use video regularly, the exercise and processes get them to follow IT technologies, and the media more closely. This demystification, and the resultant familiarity with technology inspires and encourages students to try the same for tools that can create and improve content.

Motivating Students to Learn, Try, and Perform Better. When students are vested with the opportunity to create some digital material for use in the classroom, they feel a certain highly enhanced sense of pride, empowerment, purpose, and ownership. They develop this eagerness and urge to present their best performance, and in the pursuit of that, seek, access, and imbibe more information out of their own free will. This knowledge, therefore, they retain and implement much better. Students are thus motivated to study a particular subject deeper. A number of skills, such as

  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Social Interaction

also get a chance to get honed, or even developed, in the process.

Minimizing Xenophobia with Cross-cultural Understanding. Video provides a certain conceptuality, or reality, that augments cross-cultural understanding between students at various corners of the globe. This, in its turn, can minimize xenophobia, while bringing about cultural awareness and a feeling of non-isolation. The positive skills imbibed thus are all current times and future-friendly, as cross-cultural understanding and the lack of xenophobia are important in a world that is being brought closer and closer by technology that is progressively connecting people and work through various innovations.

Enhancing Social and Teaching Skills. When students get the chance to create videos on their own, and present them before others, they develop a very important skill – that of teaching, or conveying and explaining certain ideas articulately and effectively before others. This apart, many studies have pointed out that learning with the help of videos, or video streaming can affect learners’ – even children’s – affective, and social skills positively.

Engaging Students Better. On-demand video streaming content has been found to engage students better. Students also feel that they are getting to learn most effectively, as they can review segments of a lesson as many times as they need, to follow its content. This control over the pace of learning gives students a sense of both power and reassurance.

As we are aware, the 21st Century Skills Movement involves the practice of students / learners developing multimedia content and delivering presentations before audiences such as community stakeholders, throughout the entire period of their education. It is therefore necessary for learners to be skilled in the development of multimedia, and also have the knowledge and information to be wise consumers of it. Since it is a major requirement that 21st century learners know how to collaborate with others and be global citizens, students can look upon learner-generated videos as a powerful tool that they can both possess and use to their advantage.

The changing role of the educator, therefore, can be assisted by an expeditious availability of video tools. In the very near future, educators and teachers are going to mentor learners both in person, as well as – if not more so – over various media across geographies and time zones. Since learners as well as teachers would be gaining access to a huge amount of content from all over the world, the world itself shall soon turn into a multimodal classroom that would be universal.

This multimodal learning model would necessitate video streaming and broadcasts.

You could consider your options: of being a learner, a teacher, a content creator, or progressing in the business of video streaming / VOD. Each one of these roles is perfectly suited to the current and emerging times, success-assuring, and full of money-making potential.

We are there to offer you a free consultation, or even a demo, in case you need to know anything about video streaming, VOD, or any of the other options mentioned above. We are also there to offer you our solutions – completely customized – if you think you have a brilliant idea that can be turned into a lucrative business. You are most welcome to get in touch with us at Ascentspark Software to get started – or ahead.

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