• March, 27 2020
  • by Ascentspark Software

Video Streaming is the way to and of moving ahead these days – be you in the sphere of entertainment, ecommerce, or education. Development of every business and company has been hinging on the utilization of video streaming of late, whether the video streaming be used for


  • Boosting the brand
  • Launching new products / services
  • Connecting with clients
  • Rising above competition
  • Empowering the Sales Team


or some other innovative, effective, and lucrative purpose. 

There are statistics to show how video streaming can help you to improve your business despite / defeating competition. The question is, are you tapping the potential video streaming has for the MAXIMUM profits that you can reap for your business? 

Let us discuss how much you can gain from incorporating video in your business communication channels, in case you have been thinking why you need to do so – or even if you have already decided to do so. 

There are several ways that your brand – and therefore, business – can gain from video. 

Give Your Business Its Unique Identity. 

What can be better than a corporate website? 

A corporate website that gives your business its unique identity, endearing itself to the visitors with its personal touch, and thereby demonstrating – wordlessly, and most effectively – what sets you apart from your competitors. 

When you greet your visitors with a video that shows them who you are, how you work, and why they can invest their trust and funds in and on working with you, more than half of your mission can get accomplished.

You can have a video created exhibiting your best, with yourself and others presented in a friendly, reliable, approachable manner, with your products and services depicted at their highest quality – there can be no end to the ideas that you can come up with when it comes to utilizing the technology of video. You can even take your visitors on a virtual tour around your office / factory / resort / restaurant / store / more. 

Inspire Trust.

‘Seeing is believing’ is something we often hear, and say. Act on that. Let your visitors, target audience, clients, and all else SEE you, your products, your services, your office, et al. That will enable them to literally put a face on your brand and business, having them to believe in who and what they see. Add to your ‘About Us’ with a video streaming about you. 

To most people, a human face can be a gathering point for believability. SEEING someone can lead them to believe better. When visitors can see you, your team, your workplace, and the likes, they tend to know more about your identity, and thus, trust you more.

Simple audio information can be taken as the most meaningful content when it is spoken in a human voice, with, perhaps, a face to it. The effect can be much greater than what pages and pages of text might produce.

A voice, through its tone and modulation, can present immense information. You can choose to sound serious, humorous, soothing, and so on, to suit what you want to convey about your company and yourself. Just one video can express all you want to, about all you do – and there can be no end to the publicity and goodwill that you can garner through the number of viewing, repeat viewing, and sharing. 

The emotions that you portray via your video can become contagious, just as the body language on the video can be. You can put your viewers at ease with the way you present yourselves and your business through your video – and then you can decide to have your video streamed in any which way you please. 

Establish Your Experience And Expertise. 

You can have your professional experience and expertise established stronger through streaming video related to it, instead of just having some text published. You can


  • Outline facts related to your industry, company, its development, and your work
  • Video newscasts
  • Present case studies related to projects you have handled with distinction


  • Show a collection of material from experts

or display any other type of informative video content that can highlight the expertise and experience that you have. 

Stay On Minds.

You can create a very strong, impressive, and even indelible impression on people’s minds when they see you – even on video. Let people see 


  • You
  • Your team
  • Your company
  • Your products / services


live on video to retain more about what they see, and associate pleasant feelings such as trust and reliability with the same. 

Stream Live Events.

You can stream events such as


  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Concerts 
  • Sports
  • Webinars


etc. that you host / participate in, live over the Internet, and offer access to the video afterwards. You can choose to have registered viewers paying to gain access to your video, or select any other service you find more suitable or profitable. You can consider adding interactive features, like encouraging and answering questions from your viewers. 

Present Product Demonstrations. 

You can use videos to demonstrate how to utilize your products. Similarly, videos can show the various features that your products might be having, and how to make the best of them. You can consider the development of a library of how-to videos, too; these can be very popular with learners and can earn your Customer Service some extra points, while taking a lot of pressure off your staff, and saving time, money, and energy. You can explain a matter to clients and others in a matter of minutes through a video – and the more times, and by the greater number of people the video is watched, the better can it be for your business. 

Tip: You can gain more by making two videos on the same product / matter. The first one to act as an introduction that can arrest the attention of viewers, and the second one to explain all the features and plus points. This can ensure that the ones watching the first video are going to await and watch the next one – thus assuring you a certain viewership, and more to come.

Secure Customer Engagement. 

Organize a Customer Video Contest. Ask your customers to video themselves using your products / services, and share those videos with you. Not only can this move secure customer engagement for you, but it can also gain your website a sizeable number of visits. 

Tip: You can encourage your customers to use your videos, or videos related to you, on their own blogs or in their own pages, by providing embedded links. You can also let your customers upload relevant videos directly onto your website, thereby creating functionality. 

Think about the genuine advertisement and goodwill you can get from this move.

Display Testimonials. 

Video the moments when a client or customer is happy with your work, and stream that video to the greatest advantage. People love watching such content for their genuineness, and also to find out what people truly think of certain services and products. Such videos can serve as the best advertisements ever, and also the most effective. 

Tell the story of your company, its development, its products, services, success, and plans, through video streaming. A video streaming platform enables viewers to SEE the information that they are being presented with, with all its colors, images, sounds, and feel. A video narrative attracts, engages, and can enchant viewers – causing the greatest effect.

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