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We love to use technology and out of the box thinking to create fully custom made web applications, web designs, and mobile apps that will add a spark to your business, and help you outperform your competition through clarity of workflow, improved efficiency, and better value for money for your customers.

Delivering business automation for SMEs all over the world

For the last 8 years, we have planned and executed business automation projects in for small and medium sized businesses in USA, UK, MEXICO, SINGAPORE, DUBAI, KUWAIT, JORDAN, and INDIA providing bespoke web applications, mobile apps and smart device solutions.

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Approach to work

Technology Stack

Some of the technology stacks we have used in our projects are




Partha is a programmer and a business owner with a passion for finding innovative solutions to complex real life problems.

He has over 17 years of professional experience in the field of programming, and 16 years of experience in running multiple organizations. Partha has been a full stack developer and solutions architect, having started his journey with Windows embedded systems and then navigating through the worlds of open source web development and mobile app development.

Partha dreams of developing solutions which can have a positive impact on peoples lives. An avid follower of technologies, Partha likes to spend time with tech gadgets, and experiment with technology. When not working, Partha likes to listen to old rock music, read books, or play chess and other strategy games.




Antaroop, being a member of the Design Department always has a goal to use designs and layouts to tell a story for our clients, and make the experience enjoyable for consumers. He keeps himself busy in some process of learning, to enhance his distinct style of storytelling.

When not working, Antaroop likes to play the guitar, and enjoys music. He is also an amateure writer and has written a suspense thriller in Bengali.




Arnab is an award winning artist with 14 years in animation and comic illustrations. He has led & consulted for studio projects that include Disney and Amazon productions. Arnab is an amid comic book fan, and likes to cook in his free time.




Arup has 2 years of experience in Laravel. Apart from this, he has experience in other PHP Frameworks like codeigniter as well. He has worked on various client side programming languages and frameworks as well, such as Vue Js and jQuery.

Arup's hobby, like many other Indians, is to follow the game of Cricket.


Akhtar Rahmani


Ashfaque's passion is developing Android apps, in Java and Kotlin. He has trained himself and strive to reach a position where he is able handle projects individually. Ashfaque sees himself not only as a coder, but also tries to understand the fundamental logic behind coding which he believes is essential to deliver a better product.

He is a friendly soul, liked by one and all. Apart from cooking some code, Ashfaque also likes to cook food. He sings when bored with his busy life.




Avisek is a Software Tester with 4 years of Quality Assurance and Software Testing experience for Web-Based, Database testing using PostgreSQL and mobile applications. He is experienced in SDLC including traditional Waterfall and Agile/Scrum methodologies. He is also experienced in participating in the entire QA Life Cycle - Designing, Developing and Execution of the entire QA Process. Avisek has worked on Selenium Testing execution using Testing framework for maven project.

His hobbies are road trips, fish keeping, indoor games,and listening to music.




Chiranjit loves to learn new software tools and technologies. As a Software Developer professional he has more than 1 year of experience, and 2 years of research experience in the Networking Domain.

Chiranjit is also experienced in Mobile Application development in iOS and Flutter, and SDN (Software Defined Networking).




Debarchan connects online brands to their target audiences for the perfect marketing experience. During the 15 years spent in the industry, Debarchan has learnt the importance of applying classic marketing techniques to modern brand strategies. Debarchan's approach to transforming how we view disruptive technology is to empower individuals to reach their business objectives, and as a result, build stronger companies and more engaged communities.

He always believes in ‘Digital Business Development’ instead of Digital Marketing. He loves playing Spanish guitar and clicking, while listening to Yanni.




Debasish has worked as a Web Developer for 4 years, and has worked with Laravel, NodeJS with Express JS and Codeigniter frameworks. On the client side programming, he has worked using JavaScript, jQuery and Angular. Debashish has database experience with MongoDB and MySQL.

His hobbies are traveling and playing games.



Working as an Android Developer with about 2 year of experience, Dheeraj’s hobbies are sports and travelling. He likes playing volleyball and badminton.




With a Masters background in Engineering, Kajori has acquired a profound knowledge and experience in different kinds of Project & Client Co-ordination and Issues Handling, also being the first point of contact for the clients, since the last 3 years. She deliberates on exploration of a lot more know-how on her way.

At the other side of the coin, her immense passion and love for dance and music always pushes her to add more flavor to life. She has been a rank holder in both for 18 years, winning awards and recognition.



Business Developmentand Relations

Karo has been working with international clients for several years now, helping them find software solutions that fit their business needs. With a good business sense, Karo is able to advise on how clients can increase profitability and effectiveness. In his free time, Karo enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as being out in nature.




Koushik is a Software Developer having overall 6 years of professional experience in developing software in Angular, PHP with Laravel, CodeIgniter, and NodeJS with hands-on experience of Object-Oriented Programming, Service-Oriented Architecture and Mobile Web Development.

Koushik keeps a positive attitude, and proves productive in both solo and group project environments. He has sound knowledge of backend and frontend development, including MVC architecture.




Kunal has been working as an artist for the animation and gaming industry in India over the last 13 years. Drawing and painting are his hobbies.

He loves cooking and listening to folk songs, too.




Manotosh has been working for about 3.5 years as a UI/UX designer and front end coder. He likes to keep a clear logic while planning a design, taking into.

Apart from these he is keen towards Music and Sports.




Moumita started coding in Java as a teenager and now Swift, Objective C, RxSwift are her languages for more than 4 years professionally. An iPhone tryst in college made her passionate for life about iOS app development. Clean code, fantastic architecture[MVVM, VIPER, MVVMR] and exciting frameworks [CoreML, AVFoundation] fascinates her along with an attention to details. Being assertive and an able team player, she believe balance is the key.

Interluding as an artiste; hours on canvas with colours, baking confectionaries, and cooking delicacies she can be found in art galleries admiring paintings or fancy bistros with delightful desserts. An avid movie buff, you may also find her watching 3 films at a row.




Poulomi joined Ascentspark as a Summer Intern, and stayed on in the full time role, as she honed her skills as a web developer, working alongside a team of friendly, intelligent, and smart individuals. She believes Ascentspark has a great environment for developing skills and environment here has encouraged her to push the boundaries of her craft and motivated her to upskill and think outside the box to deliver better results.

When she is not on the computer, you can mostly find Poulomi doodling, crafting, or reading books.




Ravi is a Senior Web Developer and Team Leader with over 9 years of experience in building Web Applications. He has been involved in the analysis, planning, and delivery of multiple mission critical projects. He loves to figure out simple solutions to complex tech problems, and learn new technology.

He is passionate about software architecture, design patterns and best practices, and pursues the goal of elegant code and scaling solutions using technologies like Laravel, Angular, NoSQL, and MySQL.

Ravi is a loving husband to his wife, and a doting father to his two daughters, truly mastering the art of multi-tasking.




Ritaja has been a Creative Writer since long. Prior to joining Ascentspark Software as Senior Content Writer, she had been working for ‘Stardust’, the movie magazine, and Magna Books Division, while contributing poems and one-liners to MID DAY, Mumbai. She later wrote short pieces, and articles for The Statesman, Kolkata.

Ritaja has taught English, Communication, and Hindi, and edited books in English, and Hindi. She has secured her M.A.(English) Degree from the University of Bombay, having been a student of Lady Brabourne College, Calcutta, and Loyola School,Jamshedpur.

Ritaja loves serving animals – especially homeless ones.




Sanjoy earned his degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Commercial Painting in 2003. He has an experience of 25 years in the field of Art & Design. He can design both manually and on the computer. He believes that his strength is adaptability in handling and working on any designing software.Sanjoy exhibits his design and art at various exhibitions.

His hobbies are touring,reading,photography, and painting.




Satavisa has been managing operation and service delivery in the telecom and software industry for over a decade. She has been an active member of the Ascentspark team in its various endeavors to manage projects, ensure communication and hassle free delivery for clients, and avoiding nasty last minute surprises.

Besides her professional acumen, she has created her own colorful world of shapes and shades creating colorful canvases and delicate moldings on potter's wheel. She is skillful in classical dance forms and choreography.

Satavisa had actively provided inspirational guidance and devoted herself to devising curricula for the development of women and facilitation vide vocational training.




Sayan loves creative art, drawing, and photography. When he is not busy working, or concentrating on learning new things at work, you can find him enjoying travelling,too.

Sayan says he loves the work culture that Ascentspark has to offer, and the friendliness of his colleagues, which fills him with the energy and inspiration to always do his best.

Apart from work collaborations, Sayan has teamed up with Antaroop to publish a set of drawings and paintings to go along with Antaroop's suspense thriller book.




With 6 months of experience as a Laravel Developer, Sayan joined Ascentspark as a Junior PHP Developer.

Apart from coding, he loves aquariums and also the fish in them, of course. Sayan also loves travelling, and nature photography. Internet surfing is his daily habit and so is listening to recorded rain sounds. Sometimes, when feeling low, Sayan feels the urge to pen down his feelings.




Sayantan started his career as a computer teacher, and subsequently transformed into a Web Developer. In his 13 years of professional journey, Sayantan has learnt many things from the people he has met in several parts of India,through his passion for travelling and photography.

Sayantan has shared his travelling experience in his blog. When not travelling or coding, Sayantan also likes to cook, and is an avid foodie.




Shibdeb is a Digital Artist with work experience of about nine years.He has previously worked as a book illustration designer and graphic designer.

Drawing and painting are his favourite hobbies. He likes reading, writing, and thinking, too.




Shubhrojyoti has been working as a Testing Engineer for over 15 years. He has flourished as a professional while working with his team, which, he feels, is now like an extended family for him.

Apart from loving this tech world, he harbors a deep passion for wildlife photography which fills his life with immense satisfaction and pleasure.




Sirsha is a Senior Android Application Developer and a passionate programmer. Armed with a keen eye for details, an infectious passion for learning new technologies, and a never-ending zeal for perfection, she is always up to any developmental challenges. She has a proven track record of solving programming problems and demonstrates exemplary leadership qualities.

Apart from coding, she is an avid gamer, and is trying to learn how to play the Violin.




Trisha has 3 years of experience in Online Marketing, expertise in SEO, SMO, SEM, to improving brand presence, driving traffic to the website, competitor analysis, strategy planning, etc. Every new project enhances her skills and motivates her to learn new technologies.

She firmly believes that life is meant for gaining experiences, and her hobbies reflect this belief. She loves reading books (fictional,non-Fictional) and blogs.

She also enjoys travelling as much as possible, meeting and knowing new people, listening to music, and cooking.

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