Responsive Website Design Services

Great user experience in computers, tablets, or mobiles.

We use responsive design, an approach of designing web pages and laying out their structure so that they 'respond' to users viewing the same site on various devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones) by presenting the content in a format and structure that are optimized for that device's screen resolution.

What this means is that your website, with responsive design, looks good, and remains user friendly -- whether it is viewed on a giant TV screen, a regular computer, a tablet, or a mobile device with a much smaller screen size and resolution.

A responsive website gives your visitors
ease of access by ensuring

Easy navigation. Easy readability of content. Minimized effort of panning and scrolling. Intelligent and helpful interaction options with the device.

Thus, with responsive design, no matter what device your users are using to view your site, they always have an optimized and consistent experience, which is more likely to lead them to engaging with you, leading to much higher conversion rates.

85 percent of people think that a company's mobile website should be as good as -- or better than -- their desktop website.

46 percent of people do not return to a web page that doesn't load properly on their mobile device the first time.

70 percent of Mobile users have outnumbered Desktop users by 3 millions in 2015

48 percent of users have said that if a website does not work well on their smartphones it makes them feel like the company does not care about their business

Gone are the days when people accessed information on the web only from a computer. Information and accessibility on the move are the new mantra, and now people access websites not only from computers and laptops, but also from tablets and mobile phones. What that means is that with every passing day, a larger section of your user base is going to use your site through multiple devices, and your website is going to lose traction and customers unless it provides an optimal viewing experience across all these devices.

TL;DR - It is really important for your site to be responsive.

If your site is not responsive and mobile friendly, your business is losing a big slice of visitors and potential customers.