• September, 25 2020
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Have you been thinking about presenting a searchable, browsable directory full of information, on the web, or that can be accessed through mobile applications? Have you been considering coming up with a searchable directory, and review system? Here is some matter that might interest you.

Online directory websites have been proving themselves to be in line with some of the most profitable businesses in today’s times. Such sites benefit the users as much as they can benefit their owners. For the users, they save time and trouble as they provide a mine of information on the subjects of their choice. If a person wants to search for the best restaurants in the city, s/he can straightaway visit the local restaurant directory and select one from the wide array of restaurants mentioned there, instead of spending time on looking around, asking around, or browsing around. One of the ways the owner benefits from such a directory is that since such a site contains a big amount of data, the visibility of the site gets a boost.

The Keyword Factor That Increases Chances Of Appearing In Organic Search 

A directory website can target a wide group of keywords, very effortlessly – augmenting your chances of getting noticed by a large number of people upon appearing in the organic search.

Here is how.

Let us suppose that there is this category related to “Bengali Food in Mumbai”. There can be many restaurant listings on your directory site mentioning “Bengali Food”, “Authentic Bengali Food”, “Tasty Bengali Food in Mumbai”, etcetera – enabling a sizable number of keywords to get targeted.

The Directory Can Be Related To Almost Any Matter

Your directory can be related to almost any matter – from Restaurant, to Real Estate, to other matters. Let us look at a few examples of how things can be.

Restaurant / Cuisine Directory Websites

These are niche directories, usually targeting certain specific locations.

You can come up with a Restaurant / Cuisine Directory Listing Site for your town, or city. A list of all

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Diners

etcetera can be present there.

You can consider features that are

  • Map based or Location based
  • Event Modules for mentioning food fairs, food events, and the likes
  • Coupon Modules for the inclusion of Discount Coupons

and so on. Restaurants are adopting new technology and innovative ways to market themselves. A Restaurant Directory can be a very timely, lucrative idea.

How Money can be made via a Restaurant Directory Website 

  • Advertisement banners can be displayed on the directory
  • An E-commerce store can be started with the directory site
  • Paid guest post submissions can be allowed on the site
  • Paid listing submissions can be allowed
  • Featured listings can be there

Real Estate Directory Websites

A site related to property listing can have various categories, like

  • Property for Sale
  • Property for Rent
  • Homes in Suburbs
  • Villas

and so on.

Property brokers, and people interested in selling their property can register and post their matter on your site. On the other hand, people interested in buying property can visit your site to look for prospects, too.

Features Possible in a Real Estate Directory

  • Maps -- so that the location can be found / reached with ease
  • Proximity Search
  • Fully functional front end submission system
  • Proper categories on the site
  • Advanced filters to aid the search

How Money can be made via a Real Estate Directory Website

  • Display of advertisement banners on the site
  • Enabling paid guest post submissions on the site
  • Real estate listings featured on Home Page, and Category Page
  • Converting site into a members only website, and implementing access control
  • Coming up with an E-commerce store along with the website

Real Estate is being marketed in various ways in today’s times, and a directory related to Real Estate can prove to be very useful, for all concerned.

Business Directory Websites

As the name indicates, a Business Directory Website features a wide variety of business listings. The listings can be global, or even pertaining to a certain area alone.

There can also be niche focused Business Directories – such as one that is related to fabric manufacturers at a certain area.

How Money can be made via a Business Directory Website

  • Implementing Category Based Pricing for charging more for categories that are prominent
  • Display of advertisement banners on the site
  • Enabling paid guest post submissions on the site
  • Implementing Field Monetization to charge more for important fields such as more phone numbers, or images, etcetera
  • Coming up with an E-commerce store with the site
  • Featured listings present on Category Page as well as Home Page

Review Directory Websites

A Review Directory Website is usually associated with genuine reviews related to services, or products. It can become a source of affiliate income, when the products or services of an affiliate business get reviewed.

Information Directories can be of many other kinds, too, like

  • Yellow Pages Directory Websites
  • Classifieds Directory Websites
  • Job Directory Websites
  • Video Directory Websites
  • Automotive Directory Websites
  • City Directory Websites

and so on.

Want to know more about Information Directory and Review System, and how you can benefit from it?

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