How Education And Business Can Profit Through An E-learning Solution


By now, we know only too well why E-learning is being looked upon as a godsend in times like these, when getting out of the safety of one’s house can be a life-risk, with the Coronavirus Threat looming large in the air outside. People are seeking security in Social Distancing, and there are Lockdowns being observed at several places, to lock the COVID-19 catastrophe out. However, the world cannot stop because of a virus. If the damages caused by the virus have to be dealt with, information, education, business, and work must continue. E-learning can be a great – if not the only – solution.

Let us focus, specifically, on how Education and Business can profit from an E-learning Solution, so that you can, perhaps, decide to take another decisive step towards higher progress.

How E-learning Can Benefit Students

There are many ways in which E-learning can benefit students. We have known, ever since the month of March 2020, how educational institutions the world over have preferred online classes, video streaming, and remote learning and teaching to having conventional classes to which students and teachers had to travel, and in which all of them had to interact face-to-face. Now, with E-learning in the picture, no life-risk needs to be taken.

Learners can Stay Safe at Home while Learning. This is being lauded as one of the biggest advantages of E-learning, and not just because it can save 

  • Travel Time 
  • Travel Expenses
  • Energy

but mostly because it can save precious LIVES. 

Moreover, with E-learning, the same Course can be taken by students from various parts of the world, which cannot be made possible in the case of conventional classes, which necessitate all students to travel to one class at one particular place. 

Students can Overcome Hesitation and Learn at their own Pace. In many classroom scenarios, there are some students who hesitate to speak up, even if they believe that they have a right answer, a valid point, or a very urgent query -- out of shyness, or other reasons that might hold them back. In the case of E-learning, there is no scope for such situations. If a student needs to take more time over a certain topic, s/he can go over a lecture more than once. S/he can even skip one topic to go to another one. In this manner, a student can learn at his/her own pace, overcoming hesitations, and gaining more confidence. 

A Lecture can be taken any Number of Times. In case of E-learning, a content can be accessed n number of times by a student. This can be a great help for those students who prefer to take a longer time to learn, and also for students who want to revise lessons. This is also helpful for the learners who miss a lecture. 

Lessons are delivered Quicker. Reports have it that in case of E-learning, the time taken for learning can be reduced from 25% to 60% as compared to traditional learning. 

Lessons can begin and end quickly, cutting out the time that can often get spent on irrelevant talks, disturbances, noise, and the likes, that can be taken as part and parcel of a traditional classroom scenario. 

An individual learner need not follow the learning speed of the entire class in order to move on to the next level of the lesson. 

Students need not focus on each and every area of the learning material. Instead, s/he can devote time to those areas alone that are relevant to his/her requirement. 

E-learning offers Scalability. With the help of E-learning, new

  • Training
  • Ideas
  • Policies
  • Concepts

can get created, and communicated. E-learning can work in the case of Education, as well as Entertainment. It offers Scalability. 

E-learning ensures Consistency. With this kind of a learning mode, all learners can get the same kind of training. E-learning enables educators to convey their message to learners in a consistent manner, providing them with a higher degree of coverage. 

Updated Content can be Accessed. Learners can access updated content as and when they want to. This is one of the biggest advantages of E-learning. You can remain in synchronization with modern learners, when you learn online. 

E-learning is Environment-friendly. In today’s situation, we need to think of the Environment more than ever. E-learning is immensely Environment-friendly. Being a paperless way of learning, trees need not get sacrificed for paper to be obtained. Moreover, as per reports, distance-based learning programs

  • Generated around 85% less CO2 emissions


  • Used about 90% less power

in comparison with campus-based pedagogical courses. 

How E-learning Can Benefit Business

E-learning can benefit your business in several ways, other than saving you a considerable amount of money that could have been spent on instructor-led learning for your employees. Let us look at some of the major ways in which E-learning can help you.

E-learning is more Cost-effective. When it comes to a larger employee audience, E-learning is way more cost-effective than traditional learning. See the pluses:

  • You do not need to pay that hefty a trainer-fee for Online Classes
  • Your office-time need not be spent for this purpose
  • You save money that could have been spent on material, travel, food, accommodation, etcetera 
  • As per a report, you can save 80% in printing related costs. 

Your employees would just need access to a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and the Internet, to avail E-learning. 

E-learning can Reduce Employee Learning Time. If you switch to E-learning, it can save a huge amount of your employee time. It has been observed that as compared to traditional learning, E-learning can save up to 60% of your employees’ learning time. 

Time spent on

  • Traveling
  • Meals and Breaks
  • Starting and Ending Sessions
  • Teaching a large Group

can all be saved, with E-learning. 

Accessible for a Global, and Remote Workforce. E-learning can be accessible at all times for a global, and remote workforce. No matter where your employees might be, they can access a training session as per their convenience. 

Greater Employee Retention for the Maximum Number of Training Topics. In the case of certain concise topics, like 

  • New Software Training
  • Reference Guides
  • Compliance Procedures

And so on, E-learning can prove to be a much better way to train people. It can augment your employees’ engagement with, and retention of key information with interactive content such as gamification, videos, and more.

Continuous Access to Key Resources. E-learning materials need not remain confined to a classroom, or the office. They can go wherever your employees are, staying completely accessible to them always. In case your training is associated with a lot of material that your employees might need to refer to – for example, new product specifications, etc. – E-learning (in conjunction with M-learning) can allow your employees access to the same. 

Enables Global Collaboration. Good E-learning Solutions enable employees to contribute to company discussions, right in the training module, even if they are in different countries, or belong to different departments. 

The Scalability Factor. The E-learning modules that you develop can be scaled up for accommodating n number of employees, and you can choose as many languages as you need to, for the training to be in. You need not find various instructors, or class-spaces for the training. All you need is for your staff to have access to the Internet, and a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. 

Suits the Flexible Lifestyles of Your Employees. Employees like to have workplace solutions that are conducive to their lifestyles. If you can provide them with training that they can access as per the convenience of their lifestyles, you can boost employee morale better.

Takes Care of Training Standardization, and Consistency. You can rest assured that no matter where your employees are, each one of them is to receive equal quality of training, once you have an E-learning Course in place. 

Feedback on Time for Your Managers, and Employees. In case of an online training course, Management can receive feedback on how Courses are doing, and track how individual members of the staff are progressing; just as employees can receive real-time feedback, while an online course is on. 

E-learning is Better for the Environment. E-learning, as mentioned here earlier, is better for the Environment. If you, as an organization, want to contribute to saving the Environment, you can consider making the shift to E-learning.

In any case, we know what the world is facing currently – the COVID-19 Crisis, that is forcing us to be on house arrest, so to say. What businesses are facing, as a result, is Economy Slowdown. Under such circumstances, E-learning, and custom E-learning can be seen as the only solution that can bring a company certain economic progress. You know the reasons, now.

In case you want to know about E-learning Solutions in greater details, you are most welcome to have a complimentary consultation with us, to have all your questions answered, all your doubts cleared, and a clear idea of how you can be benefited the best by an E-learning Solution. 

Of course, you can get absolutely customized solutions related to E-learning from us, too. 

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