• March, 13 2020
  • by Ascentspark Software

The current Coronavirus Threat is something we all are more than aware of, and need to protect and save ourselves, each other, and the world from. The reason why everyone is desperately seeking solutions to it; and it has been coming to light that online classes, or video streaming can be one very suitable, and significant solution. 

You know how educational institutions (and even some offices, as per reports) are staying closed to protect people from getting exposed to the rapidly spreading virus. A lot of precious time is thus being lost by learners, teachers, workers, and many more of us. According to a report, the ACE President Ted Mitchell has opined to the Los Angeles Times that the Coronavirus is ‘probably the greatest short-term challenge facing higher education in a generation.’

There are reports of renowned American universities such as the Princeton, Columbia, and Harvard being compelled to cancel classes; and lessons having been moved online. Harvard has made an announcement that it shall be having all classes online by the 23rd of March, 2020

Reportedly, Harvard has asked its 36,000 students to refrain from returning to the campus post the Spring Recess, and to study remotely ‘until further notice’. Lawrence S. Bacow, the President of Harvard, says that ‘the goal of these changes is to minimize the need to gather in large groups’. 

The MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology, based in Cambridge, is reported to have cancelled every gathering that is likely to involve or attract 150 or more people, till the 15th of May 2020. Starting this very week, its classes involving 150 or more students are moving online, too. 

There are also reports that

  • The New York University is switching to remote learning.
  • Princeton University has said that all its lectures and seminars shall be moving online from 23-3-2020 to at least the 5th of April, 2020. It has cancelled events involving a 100 or more people. 
  • At least 5 universities in California – Stanford and Berkeley among them – have suspended either all, or most of their in-person classes. 

This development shows the strong and pragmatic precautionary measures that are being taken in the domain of education to ward off the dreaded Coronavirus Threat – indicating, alongside, how online classes, remote learning, and video streaming can come to the rescue of students – to save time, money, efforts, and even lives. 

The world of pedagogy is looking upon online classes – of which video streaming is known to be a very integral part – as a solution to enable the continuation of education during life-threatening times such as these of the Coronavirus. 

Not only can video streaming prove itself to be an able means to carrying education to the rural, remote areas, but video streaming, integrating with online learning, can also enable learners to learn and educators to disseminate education and vital information during times when face to face interaction, gathering in large groups, or even stepping outdoors, be it at the most up-to-date of cities, can pose a life-risk. 

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