• May, 15 2020
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At present, each one of us is trying to do what can be the best in our power – not only for ourselves, but also for the world; for we can live better only when the world is hale and hearty. Every Lockdown, Social Distancing, and Coronavirus Pandemic Prevention Step is a way to this goal. 

Most of us are working from home, to protect ourselves from exposure to the COVID-19 Threat. Office work, though, cannot get locked down, citing the Lockdown situation around as a reason. We need to work smarter, in fact, if not always longer, or harder, if we want to find a prevention, or cure, for the Economic Slowdown that is threatening to overwhelm us. 

Custom E-learning can prove to be the ONLY Solution for your company now, and you shall presently know how, and why. Do read on.  

What IS Custom E-learning?

Custom E-learning is that training which gets crafted solely for the purpose of catering to the unique requirements of your organization, and its optimum development. 

Each company, organization, enterprise, or institute has its unique identity, complete with its unique goals, ambitions, and aspirations. These targets can be achieved the surest, quickest, and best, when the people making up these organizations are impactfully trained to attain these goals. Moreover, this exercise can bring about the best learner engagement, serving to improve the level of productivity of the company’s employees. 

Now to look at WHY it is going to be better for you to opt for Custom E-learning for your company, when there are Off-The-Shelf E-learning Courses that can be readily available, too. 

Custom E-learning

Factors Of Difference To Note

Off-The-Shelf Courses




Organization Specific



Organization Specific

Target Audience


High initially, Low ultimately


Low initially, but High finally due to License, Maintenance

Possible Inhouse

Updates Situation

Vendor involving


You can see the pros and cons of Custom E-learning, and Off-The-Shelf Courses, on the Table presented.

Now ask yourself the following questions:


  • Are you interested in bringing about a strategic impact on the growth of your organization?
  • Do you believe your organization to be unique?
  • Does Employee Engagement hold any importance for you?
  • Do you want to save time and energy by delivering training that has been designed exclusively for the people of your organization?


If ‘Yes’ is your answer to these questions, you are veering towards Custom E-learning. 

Now look at the reasons why it is going to be a better idea for you to invest in Custom E-learning Course/s for your company.

Training Can Be Aligned With The Specific Training Needs Of Your Organization

No Off-The-Shelf Training Course can cater to the EXACT requirements of the uniqueness of your organization, and you know that. Your training needs, and, most of all, your BUSINESS GOALS are unique – and only you know them. How can a one-size-fits-all Training Course tell YOUR company how it can do better? Why waste any time, energy, or money on such a thing at all, then?

Custom E-learning Courses, on the other hand, can get personalized as per the specified requirements of a particular organization, with learning objectives that are pertinent, and well-defined. This, in its turn, inspires the employees to focus better on the Course, enabling the Training to be optimally effective – especially since being tailor-made for a certain purpose, it will be containing EVERYTHING that is needed to be there.

Training Can Be Aligned With Your Branding Guidelines

Can a generic online training program ever truly reflect the brand identity of YOUR company?

In the case of Custom E-learning, though, a true brand identity can be created by aligning things such as the 


  • Logo
  • Font Styles
  • Color Schemes


to your company. This would succeed in creating the much-needed true brand identity.

Want to know how this might help your purpose? 

Your employees would notice – and appreciate – the care you have taken in organizing customized learning for them. This will automatically augment the degree of seriousness and involvement with which they will approach the training, leading to the training being the success it had been designed to be. 

A Number Of Strategies And Digital Formats Can Get Incorporated

Think – what would you do if the Off-The-Shelf Training Course organized by you for your staff had a lot of audios, whereas your employees responded best to either texts, or videos? Generic courses might be unable to cater to the learning styles or interests of your particular set of learners; whereas in the case of Custom E-learning, you can be free to select from a number of strategies, and digital formats. 

You can go for:

  • Videos – If most of your employees are Visual Learners.
  • Podcasts -- If most of your employees are Auditory Learners.
  • Simulation-based Learning – If you want to provide your employees with a risk-free platform where they can try out the actions that are performed in the ERP Software. 
  • Translating Courses – If your global workforce wants to learn in their various native languages.
  • Microlearning – If most of your employees say they do not have much time for training.
  • Scenario-based Learning – If you want your learners to relate to the content more.
  • Game-based Learning – In case you prefer to make the process of learning more fun-filled.

Such a list can continue ad infinitum. Such strategies, implemented, can afford your learners a learning experience that is holistically effective.

Budget Can Be Adhered To

In the long run, Custom E-learning proves to be way more economical as compared to Off-The-Shelf Courses. 

There might be a considerable amount of investment involved, but then, the investment pays off well in the long run. You can reuse the course. In the case of Off-The-Shelf courses, there are subscription fees, and per-user fees. 

Custom E-learning Courses can get developed on any kind of budget. All you have to do is tell your Custom E-learning provider what your budget, and training requirements are. 

Taking a look at the present scenario, we know we need to do something quick and concrete to keep our work, and finances afloat. Not a moment or penny can be wasted. With most of us in Lockdowns and therefore working from home, the usual meetings and training programs that took place at the workplace or outdoors are temporarily – in all probability – impossible. Employees, though, might require urgent training to face the present and future better. Especially so, since everyone is talking about the Economic Slowdown, and E-commerce is being looked upon as a potent vaccine for it. How can E-commerce improve under the current circumstances if employees are not advised, and trained, to make that happen, despite all odds? Custom E-learning can be your sole solution here. 

Now that you know all the plus points of Custom E-learning, you can opt for Custom / Bespoke E-learning Courses which are designed fresh, to match your needs in terms of 

  • Technical necessities
  • Visual design
  • Instructional design

and more. 

Want to know more on Custom E-learning and how you can use it to its best advantage? You are most welcome to get in touch with us for a friendly consultation related to Custom E-learning, and how it can help your company to unlock its progress potential NOW.

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