• January, 9 2020
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You know how video streaming has been undergoing rapid development, and in how many different ways every business and company is utilizing this technology to be, and progress, with the times. Now let us look at why it is so, and how YOU can use video streaming for marketing your business.

Looking at WHY you can use video streaming or WHY it is found so useful and therefore popular, the reasons are numerous, and we shall see them as we proceed. Suffice it to say now that be you in the sphere of Ecommerce, Entertainment, or even Education, you can utilize the technology of video streaming for the betterment of all concerned – your ROI especially included.

Video, as a medium, is engaging, to say the least. Would YOU not like to watch a video rather than read some text? Certain statistics state that so would 80% of users. You can make this 80% -- and the rest – look at YOUR brand; so why not?

  • From an event to a tutorial, a video is always useful for arresting and retaining attention.
  • A video enables a business to not just advertise and sell its products / services, but also to build its brand in a sure and steady manner.
  • Employing a professional-grade video can be simple, and easy on the budget of a company.
  • A video can help a company to develop a strong brand connection with the viewers through the matter it presents.
  • Social media serves as a vehicle that delivers video straight to the screens of the audience / users.

Video stream marketing, thus, is on the rise.
There can be a number of ways that video streaming can fit a digital marketing campaign.

What Video Streaming Is

The transmission of video footage to a target audience over the internet is known as Video Streaming.
Video Streaming, till some time back, used to be done on dedicated platforms.
Today, video broadcast has become an integral component of social media marketing, as social media has taken video streaming to Instagram, Twitter, and, of course, Facebook, too.
Your business can experiment with video, now, as a very versatile means of communication.

Ways How You Can Use Video Streaming For Marketing Your Business

  • Video content can be used for giving the audience a peek at the upcoming products of your company
  • Hosting webinars, enabling the audience to delve into a certain topic and interact with the presenter.
  • Broadcasting events
  • Creating demonstrations, or how-to videos
  • Collaborating with the ones who influence social media, so that your message can get amplified

Brand loyalty can get to develop through successful video streaming campaigns, establishing your brand as an authority in its genre.

What Video Streaming Can Do For Marketing Your Business

In case you are wondering whether coming up with video broadcasts would even be worth your while when you have a number of digital marketing tools that you can very well utilize to your advantage, take a look at the
statistics related to why you should consider video streaming for boosting your business.

People PREFER Video.
Most people simply PREFER video to text and other things. It is better to give your target audience what they want to get, than investing time, money, resources, and hopes on something that can well get ignored; or forgotten the next moment. In fact, having video streaming along with other ways of marketing is also possible – and can be all the more beneficial.

Video Stream Marketing Is NOT Expensive.
Since Video Stream Marketing is not expensive, securing ROI becomes all the more simple, and sure. Reportedly, more than 70% of B2B businesses that make use of video to connect with their target audience are more than satisfied with the ROI that they secure.

Video Is Effective.

  • If you have a video embedded in an Email, it can triple the click through rates that you have.
  • About 40% of executives get in touch with a vendor after watching a video that inspires them to do so.
  • Video content is engaging, and can move your target audience to respond to your Call To Action.

Video Stream Marketing Can Augment Conversions.

  • As per a report, video stream marketing can crystallize brand association by 139%; it can also hike the sales intent amidst your target audience by 97%.
  • If a video content can be placed strategically on a landing page, it can augment conversions by 80% or even more.
  • More than 60% of viewers can be moved to purchase a product online, post watching the relevant video.

The final goal of any and every digital marketing tactic, after all, is to increase conversion – and drive sales. Video Stream Marketing helps you with attaining these goals.

Of all the tools that you have in your digital marketing arsenal, Video Streaming can be a really outstanding one.

How are YOU planning to utilize video streaming to reach your target audience, bolster your brand, and drive better sales? You can get in touch with us at Ascentspark Software for a complimentary consultation related to this – or even if you have fresh ideas regarding the utilization of video streaming or VOD for the betterment of your business.

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