What A Live Chat System Can Do For Your Sales And Customer Support


You know only too well how important Sales, and Customer Support are, for any business. This has been the norm since time immemorial, and this is even more than a norm in times like today’s, when the world is trying to fight the Economic Slowdown just as much as it is trying to fight the Coronavirus Threat, with Social Distancing, and Lockdowns. 

You do not want to lose a single customer, or lead – and neither do your rival companies – and every organization is doing its best to outdo the rest. What can set your business apart – and notches above – can be a Live Chat System. Let us see how that can happen.

As per a report, more than two thirds of consumers say that they are even ready to pay more to those brands that provide Customer Service, or Customer Support, of a superior level. When a certain company provides its customers with great service and support, its Sales are bound to increase – through word of mouth publicity, to a great extent – and word of mouth publicity can be extremely powerful. 

In the digital age of today, Live Chat is a very essential part of a Customer Service toolkit. It provides you with a platform which you can utilize for communicating with your customers in real time. Live Chat can generate about 73% in terms of satisfaction levels, whereas phone can manage about 44%, and Email, around 61%. The difference that you note here could also be noted in augmented Sales. 

Live Chat aids Customer Retention. More than 63% of consumers have reportedly opined that they would prefer to return to a website that offers Live Chat. 

What is it that makes Live Chat so essential for Customer Support?

Live Chat presents Customers with Instant Convenience. 

Live Chat offers customers immediate convenience in many significant ways. 

Live Chat saves a customer’s time by keeping him/her from waiting. With the help of Live Chat, you can have customer queries addressed almost instantly. Customers need not, like in cases where there is no Live Chat, stay on hold endlessly, or keep waiting for their queries to get answered via mail. This prevents customers from losing their interest in your product/service, and prevents a business from losing customers, and leads. 

Live Chat connects a customer with an Agent in an instant. When a customer is connected to an agent in an instant, s/he feels valued. This, in turn, leads the person to value the company that causes this feeling, and enables the customer to develop a bond with the company. S/he can turn into a loyal customer. S/he can make a purchase worth a considerable amount. The best part is, s/he can be the cause of tremendous word of mouth positive publicity for your company. 

Live Chat Conversations can be Saved. This is a major plus point. Since Live Chat conversations can be saved, they can be returned to for reference as and when necessary, and a track of the interaction can be maintained. This makes matters totally transparent, and organized. 

Live Chat enables Customer Queries to get answered immediately. About 50% of the consumers believe that one of the best advantages that a website can offer is to enable customers to speak to an agent at the time of making a purchase online. People require, and greatly appreciate good assistance while making buying decisions. Live Chat lets this happen by having Customer Queries addressed on the spot. This, in fact, can lead a customer to make more purchases than the purchase/s s/he had planned to make, initially -- leading to more sale. 

Live Chat lets customers Multitask. This is known to be one of the greatest plus points of Live Chat. More than 50% of customers prefer Live Chat, as it lets them multitask. No matter how short a wait a customer has to go through – if at all – s/he can do something else during that period, so that time does not go waste. 

Live Chat proves to be a Cost Effective Solution for Businesses. 

Live Chat tools are cheaper to implement, as compared to Phone, and Email, which have been the mainstays for Customer Support since ages. These, however, require resources, and time, for getting set up. Live Chat proves to be much more cost-effective, is far superior as a communication channel, and can present a number of extra benefits. 

Live Chat can Save Time. 

Live Chat tools can help you in maximizing productivity. One Live Chat agent can close over 60 customer tickets in an hour. Imagine the time that can be saved, and utilized on improving, and maximizing productivity. The bonus is that the time of the customers is also saved, endearing your brand to them further.

Live Chat develops Long Term Relationships with Customers. 

Every business requires to develop a long-term relationship with customers in order to sustain itself, and forge ahead. Goodwill can give a brand immense mileage. There are reports saying more than 80% of customers have decided to discontinue business with a brand upon having a bad Customer Support experience. Reports also reveal that more than 80% of customers are ready to pay up to 25% extra for a better Customer Experience. When customers know that you are there to listen to them, they develop a bond with you, that strengthens to loyalty. 

More than 50% of customers have gone on to make multiple purchases from a company, after having a positive Customer Service experience at the initial stages. 

If you can impress people with superior Customer Support – especially on their first visit – you can win customers for life. Loyal customers can be worth much more than 10 times the value of the purchase/s they make the first time that they come to you. 

Live Chat augments Sales. 

Sale has not remained confined to selling products or services – it has now spread over to the development of trust. 

  • Live Chat can boost online sales to a great extent. 
  • Live Chat can give customers the support that they require while making an online transaction, and more than 80% of customers need such support.
  • The support that Live Chat provides at the time of checkout can boost conversion rates.
  • Live Chat enables customer queries to receive the quickest of responses.
  • Live Chat can operate 24/7, presenting round-the-clock service, so that you do not miss a single visitor, customer, or prospect. 

Live Chat implemented on a website has been reported to increase Conversion Rate to more than 20%. 

Live Chat presents a Competitive Advantage.  

  • Live Chat is new.
  • Most websites do not have it.
  • Many businesses fail to provide 24/7 service. 

Herein rests Opportunity for you. 

You can make Live Chat, and excellent Customer Service, the hallmark of your brand. 

There are a great number of customers who attach immense importance to Customer Service while developing an impression regarding, and a bond with, a brand. You can have the tools to develop leads, and have them converted to steadfast customers, as the second step. 

Live Chat is going to become indispensable for the growth of any business in the very near future. Adopt it now, and you can have an edge over your rivals. 

After all, every contact that a customer establishes with us, and vice versa, can decide whether s/he would want to return to us. Live Chat has the capacity to ensure that you do not miss out on a single sale, or a customer.

If you want to know how exactly to use Live Chat to develop your business, you can get in touch with us any time for a free consultation on the subject. Of course, you can also come to us for customized solutions.

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