• May, 29 2020
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You have no time to waste, so let us get straight to the main matter.

Business Boosting is more the need of the hour than ever, with the Coronavirus Threat literally in the air, Social Distancing and Lockdowns in implementation, and Economic Slowdown in apprehension. What we have to do is work around such unavoidable circumstances, while doing our best to improve ours.

Talking of business, you know how tough it can be – and now, IS – to get a reasonable ROI; talking of making a profit worth mentioning can only come after that. One of the reasons for such a situation is that like you, people – potential customers – do not have time to invest; leave alone waste. They expect their time to be rewarded, efforts to be saved, wants to be intuited, and expectations to be exceeded. The Solution? A Live Chat System.

A Live Chat System is of paramount importance to E-commerce, especially today, and there are numerous reasons and statistics that you can go through to know, check, and realize why this is so. Let us concentrate on how you can make a Live Chat System the business-boosting way, now.

The Preferred Solution Is Real Time

Remember the old tools, such as phone services, and E-mails, that caused so much of frustration – CUSTOMER frustration – so often? The times of calling a company with the need to speak to an agent, navigating through various options, then waiting endlessly through the ‘hold music’, getting through eventually, and having to explain what it was that we had called the company for – the entire exercise could usually be very time and patience consuming. In the case of E-mail services, we were often made to wait for hours, even days, or forever, for a response to arrive.

In retrospect, it seems a lot was being asked of customers.

Live Chat System appeared, to be the best Solution.

Now you can just click a button to start chatting, if you have any question you need an answer for. 24/7. 365 days.

Do find out the features the Live Chat Software delivers, before you have it implemented. Go through user ratings, and reviews, and see how well it can pass the user satisfaction examination.

The Preferred Live Chat Is Proactive

There can be two types of Live Chats

· Reactive

· Proactive

In the case of a Reactive type of Live Chat, the agents sit and wait for visitors’ clicks to come through, in order to respond to queries.

A Proactive Live Chat, on the other hand, reaches out to be of assistance to users. This kind of a Live Chat is an oasis for users who might be confused, anxious, or simply in a hurry. A Proactive Live Chat invites the world at large to Chat, with the Chat Agent presenting an automated message.

A Proactive Chat Window that works on analytical rules can appear 90 to 120 seconds post a viewer hits a web page. Visitor behavior gets tracked in the background, with the focus being on aspects like

· Geographic Location

· URL of Current Page

· Time Spent on the Site

· History of Navigation

· Total Valuation of Items in the Shopping Cart

and more metrics.

Tools like Custom Variables, Visitor Monitoring, Behavioral Indicators, and so on put Customer Data together, so that Chat Window Messages can get automated.

The outcome?

Time is saved for the agents, and opportunities are maximized.

Reportedly, Forrester Research has informed that Nationwide Mutual Funds had been able to reduce the abandonment in their Shopping Cart by 30% to 40% with the installation of Proactive Live Chat Software.

As per reports, way back in 2011, about just 1% of customers were of the opinion that their expectations had been fulfilled to their satisfaction. Matters have changed with the advent of Live Chat. Now, more than 60% of visitors can be expected to come back to a website that offers Live Chat support. 24/7 support from a Live Chat service assures customers that their problems and questions can get addressed, and solved, any time of any day – or night.

What visitors want to get are

· Instant Response

· Personal Interaction

· Real Time Support

They also prefer to be able to utilize time more by multitasking while chatting. There are Knowledge Resources available, too. In case an agent needs information regarding a certain service or product to get back to a customer, s/he can contact others with the help of video conferencing, to provide the customer with the right information.

Clients liking self service can share documents or files within the Live Chat window, too.

The Completeness Of The Solution Provided

Live Chat can do more than simply satisfying customers, now.

There are Chat services having desktop software features that enable agents to carry on a text Chat with customers without having to open the site each time.

Chat sessions can get enhanced by Live Voice Calls, irrespective of the platform, and without any side incurring any extra expenditure. There is no extra software needed to get installed for video calling, which can work from any device.

Screen sharing can make things even better. Through screen sharing, agents can demonstrate a process before a confused customer, while providing support.

Integration With Other Third Party Software

The mark of the best Live Chat options is that they are not content with presenting their own functionality. They believe in integrating with other web services and channels for the enhancement of the overall quality.

Today’s Live Chat can integrate with a number of third-party applications, such as

· E-commerce

· E-mail Marketing

· CMS and CRM Tools

· Social Media

· Sales Tools

and so on.

Chat buttons can be included directly in the personalized E-mails that are dispatched to clients, to facilitate their Chatting from the content of the Mail, itself. It is quite similar to having Social Media buttons in place.

You can have Sales Tools added to your Live Chat software, too. Agents can thus send information related to customers straightaway to the Sales people; so that new Leads can be added even without moving away from the Chat app.

The Content Management System integration lets you curate information in one sole system, and connect that system to the Chat Service.

With the help of the Customer Relationship Management Tools, interaction with clients can be carried out more efficiently by the Chat Representatives, as they can refer to the clients’ Sales records, and History, pertaining to your company.

Proper Analytics

CRM Software, and Marketing Tools serve to keep track of important data associated with details of a customer, develop automated Sales History, and take care of Sales Planning on the basis of Analytics.

Customers who return to you do so with the expectation that records of their previous interactions with you are stored by you, so that their time is not wasted on any recap. Not only do such records help you to impress, satisfy, retain, and acquire customers, but they can also prove useful for the activation of indicators related to

· Background Analysis

· Location Tracking

· Behavior Analysis

leading to a thorough comprehension of Customer Requirement.

The selection of your Live Chat software, therefore, should be based on how well it can store Historical Chats.

Availability On and Compatibility With Mobile Devices

The marketplace is over-crowded. If you want to get the least bit attention of people, you will have to be present around them 24/7, wherever they are. The best way for achieving this goal is by being available on the smartphones of people.

You need to have a Live Chat software which can be available on the go.

Practicable Pricing Plan

Budget is a major factor. It could be quite pointless to come across an ideal piece of software coming for an astronomical price tag. It is a wise idea to look at the competitive price plans that are on offer from the many Live Chat service providers that you have around you.

What you need to consider at this juncture:

· The number of Chats that you can have in a month

· Availability of Report and Analytics

· Availability of Discounts

and so on. Calculate how much you can expect to get back for the amount of money that you invest on the software. While you are at it, do make sure you follow the Pricing Plan of your vendor thoroughly. This can save you a lot of confusion, or extra expenditure.

The Integration Factor

You need to go for a Live Chat software that can integrate perfectly with the business processes that you have in operation at present. A website can be operated on various platforms; the Live Chat system has to integrate seamlessly with other apps, as and when required.

The Security Factor

There can be some concerns related to Security on the Internet. You need to find out from the vendor how robust, and secure the Live Chat software can be expected to be, before selecting it.

Customer Support Factor

You need to go for a Live Chat system that offers 24 hours/365 days Customer Support, to make sure that in the event of any problem with the Chat System, immediate assistance can be received. The Live Chat service provider has to be accessible via Live Chat, phone, E-mail, etc. at all times.

Live Chat can be highly business boosting in several ways right now.

Live Chat can Improve Page Ranking.If you add Live Chat to your website, you can keep users longer on your site. Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing consider ‘dwell time’ – the time a user spends dwelling on a site – for their Ranking algorithms. Ranking higher in Search Results can boost traffic to your website. Having Live Chat in place can be a very affordable, and quick way of engaging users.

Live Chat can Cause Better Business Strategy. There are two Features in the best Live Chat applications of today, that can enable you to come up with Business Strategy of a much-improved quality. They are

· Tracking of Metrics

· Recording and Storing of Transcript

Chat Transcripts can enable you to analyze and get a clearer view of every facet that your business has, helping you, thus, to come up with sharper Business Strategies. It could do your business good to have its Sales Strategies, and Lead Acquisition revved up.

Live Chat can Enhance Conversion Rates. As per a report, consumers using the Live Chat functionality are usually less likely to abandon sessions, and more likely to make a purchase. A major reason behind this is that Live Chat can help wandering and wondering users to take a decision regarding what could be the best for them to go for, and buy that product, or service. This happens because Live Chat can

· Respond to Queries

· Make Recommendations

· Present Informed Advice

· Overcome Objections.

Live Chat Operates Always. 24/7 Lead Acquisition can be possible with Live Chat. Live Chat can be utilized to engage prospects, and convert them, during working hours. During non-business hours, the Live Chat box can get converted into an automated E-mail capture form.

Live Chat makes More, and Happier Customers. Let us look at some reports we have here.

As per a Forrester study, 44% of online customers have opined that one of the most important features a website can offer is to have questions addressed by a live person, while customers are in the midst of an online purchase.

According to an ATG Global Consumer Trend Study, 90% of users find Live Chat to be helpful.

Going by an eMarketer report, 63% of the respondents who took part in a Chat said that they would be likely to return to that website. 62% of the people said that in all probability, they would be making purchases from that site again.

Live Chat can certainly be business boosting – even in these Lockdown days. If you want to know how exactly Live Chat can boost the economy and ROI of your company right away, you are most welcome to have a consultation with us on the matter – totally free of charge, of course.

You can also contact us for customized solutions related to Live Chat System – to help boost your business best.

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