• September, 11 2020
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The current belief pervading Commerce, and E-commerce, is that Augmented Reality is a tech route that businesses ought to take in order to reach their ROI targets, and expectations.

In one of our previous articles, we had discussed, at length, how Augmented Reality Solutions can profit your business. Let us focus on another seemingly kept-confidential, rarely discussed, but very important, and very interesting angle to this subject here, to continue with finding out how ROI can be augmented through the use of AR, in the present times.

As we know, with more and more of going digital, almost all work is getting done over the internet, via smartphones, and apps. The target audience, as a result, is getting to know more and more sophisticated ways of marketing, and getting drawn to the products on display therein. A company not following this ‘trend’ing process can just get eclipsed in the deluge of tech techniques of modern marketing.

  • AR, along with Virtual Reality, can create immersive, rich, interactive UX

AR can let users attach a personal touch to the online, or published content that they can have augmented with the aid of customized smartphone applications, and markers that present more information. For instance, while at a supermarket, a consumer – screening with AR apps – can get to know what is on sale there. Similarly, one can get information on which houses in their neighborhood are up for rent, or sale, and so on.

  • With the help of AR, readers can connect stronger with published content

In the case of AR being brought into use in the sphere of publishing, usually all the content can be accessed through smartphones, and no extra wearables are necessary for the purpose. The content can virtually come alive with the help of AR, and offer additional, relevant information that can prove extremely useful. For example, if catalogues, or brochures are scanned with AR applications, there can be tips to be viewed, inspiring the viewers to make several purchases.

  • AR can help users transcend the barriers of language

It can be possible to create AR solutions that provide subtitles – simultaneously – as a theatre show runs on the stage. Such breakthroughs can make it possible for people to transcend the barriers of language and access concerts, sports, or games, the basic language of which they might not be conversant with.

  • AR can help augment brand awareness through social shares

AR can prove an effective new channel for boosting brand awareness. It possesses the personalized characteristics typical of social media, and people can get the experience of content from the first-person perspective. It is being believed that even new brands can progress quicker, and surer, if AR is harnessed by them. AR and VR, in fact, are being expected to get recognized as two of the most cost-effective tools for marketing, when they arrive with social media. Target groups can be profiled, and provided with just what they want.

  • AR can assist in customer buying decisions

Marketers can measure the engagement, while customers or consumers stay busy in interaction with AR solutions. This can enable marketers to have certain metrics activated. For example, if the ad of an item is presented before the target audience in the AR format – that might take more time than traditional marketing – the audience is likely to be interacting with the advertisement. This, mostly, encourages them to make the purchase, too.

Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality are often termed ‘sister technologies’. Their market potential can be fathomless, and it is only just getting tapped into, right now.

Reportedly, the projected market of AR/VR is expected to be more than $200 billion by 2021.

AR seems to be more popular than VR in the market, and the reasons can be its features.

Ways you can use AR to better your business

  • For explaining concepts that are complex
  • For training purposes
  • To provide product demos
  • To offer Try Prior To Buy facility
  • To augment interaction with a brand

The advantages of using AR

  • Presents an UX worth remembering and talking about, leading to great word of mouth publicity
  • Draws in a larger audience since no additional devices are required for it
  • Improves engagement by creating personalized content
  • Is a technology worthy of noticing and being talked about
  • Increases customer retention through interaction

Industries where AR can be used

  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Tourism
  • Navigation
  • Fashion
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Training
  • Interior Design

How AR can be used in many of these industries has been discussed here, in details.

Now, let us look at some statistics related to AR.

As per reports:

  • AR is expected to bring more than $5 billion revenue in the field of Healthcare in the next 5 years
  • AR is expected to develop a user base of more than 10 million in the field of Training and Education in the coming 5 years
  • Workplace Productivity can improve – on an average -- by more than 30% by using AR
  • More than 40% of people are of the belief that the future of Tourism are AR, and VR
  • More than 90% of customers search for Real Estate on the Internet
  • More than 60% of customers expect that retailers would come up with AR applications

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