Why SMS / CMS Is Important for Your VOD Service


The Subscriber / Customer Management System is a very crucial part of the Back-Office System of your VOD or Video Streaming business, and needs close attention. The development and success of your video streaming company could be depending largely on this system, you see.

Your Back-Office System, of course, will have to be in accordance with exactly the sort of service that you are out to provide. It is going to be useful to review the matter up close, here.

If you plan to run a D2C service, you would need a system for handling the database of

  • Customers’ Details
  • Information on Subscription
  • Information on Billing
  • Analytics Results

as a principal part of your VOD service.

People running services that are totally ad funded might not consider this to be so important, but if you want to power personalization systems, and targeted advertising, you would be needing such systems.

Ask yourself the following questions, so that you can define this system better:

  • What is the information that I need to gather from my customers in order to run each function that my service contains?
  • What are the regulatory requirements for me to meet for
    • Collecting
    • Storing
    • Processing
    • Deleting
  • How do I plan to handle service or billing related support issues?
    • Should I have a system developed that has an interface for support staff?
  • What is the sort of analytical data that I would profit from acquiring from my users in order to power business decision-making, or other systems?
  • What shall I do to manage the aspect of billing?
  • What payment methods and options shall I offer to my customers?

You may choose to develop your subscriber / customer management fully bespoke or choose to integrate with a third-party partner who would be supporting you in syndication and distribution.

Should you need any guidance regarding your VOD / Video Streaming Service, just contact us at Ascentspark Software for a free consultation, or demonstration related to VOD. We would be happy to share our experience and expertise with you.

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