• September, 18 2020
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Most of us are working away from our offices now-a-days. The nature of many people’s work is such that they have to visit customers in order to provide doorstep service, or delivery. In case your business involves your staff visiting customers, or clients, a Field Personnel Management System or Solution can be just the right tool for you.

What is a Field Service Management System?

A Field Service Management System is one that keeps a track of all the components in the field operations of a company.

A Field Service Management System can facilitate

It may also include other major components, depending upon the industry involved.

A Field Service Management System aims at the integration of field activity, with duties related to office – such as accounting, billing, and other systems.

Major Field Service Management Industries

There is quite a large number of businesses that trust the system of Field Service Management in order to proceed smoothly towards success. Some such industries are

  • Property Management
  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Plumbing
  • Electricians
  • Pest Control
  • Home Remodeling
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)

and so on.

Each field, each industry has its own unique nuances – therefore the use of Field Service Management System can be different in the case of each of them. Variables such as

  • Type of task
  • Length of task
  • The size of the company
  • The amount of driving that is involved

can influence the features of the Field Service Management System, and also the extent to which it can integrate itself into the job process.

About The Field Service Management Software

With the advent of new technology, and the Field Service Management Software, the mostly difficult, fragmented task of field management has become much easier, and more organized now. In over a decade’s time, Service Management has evolved greatly, to encompass a protracted range of capabilities that includes the accounting and billing sides, too. Employees can now check in with their offices remotely, have access to client data, and achieve a lot more, with the help of the mobility of the Field Service Management Software.

Of course, various industries can utilize the software for the management of various aspects. For example, a landlord can use the Property Management Software for maintaining rent payment and billing records, while the HVAC Service Management Software can be brought into use by an HVAC company for taking notes related to repairs, or broken units.

The dynamic, mobile software can facilitate vital business processes such as

  • Increased Productivity
  • Real Time Analysis of Employee Service
  • Shortened Billing Cycles
  • Marketing and Data Analytics
  • Reduction of Overhead Costs from Papers Based Management
  • Scheduling
  • Dispatch

Reasons why a Field Service Management System is Important

It can be truly crucial for a field service company to have effective business processes. A Field Service Management Software can assist your company with a range of operations, and tasks.

It can help in identifying where money is being wasted, and how amends can be made. In the case of paper based management, the data you get might be incomplete, or even inaccurate, even though it might cost you more money. Field Service Software, on the other hand, can help you in finding out the ways your money is being wasted, and how you can make amends.

It can give employees more time to concentrate on the job. If you add Field Management Software to your business, it can help your employees to make more time for concentrating on the job, rather than losing time and energy on

  • Writing Paper Notes / Invoices
  • Updating the Office

and so on.

It can help you save money and enjoy the ROI. Even though the initial purchase price of the software may seem quite steep, it can only serve to save your money, in the long run, and bring you good ROI, too. As per a report, the software can save a company more than up to $8000 each year, on each technician.

It can manage a dynamic environment. One of the biggest plus points of having this software in place is that it can help you in managing a dynamic environment. Comprehensive software can help you in diagnosing and fixing issues like errors in servicing, and billing, that can affect customers, but that seem unavoidable, and very routine. This software can help you handle

  • Inventory
  • Scheduling
  • Productivity
  • Billing
  • Dispatching

and more, better.

It can help customer expectations to be met better. Field Management Software can help you to serve customers more efficiently, effectively, and quickly. Scheduling work – especially to handle emergencies – can be made much easier with the help of this software.

These are just a few of the ways in which a Field Personnel Management System can assist your business in running smoother, and rising higher. There can be a lot more that can be done with such a solution, especially if it is customized for meeting the unique requirements of your business.

You are most welcome to speak to us, in case you want to know more about Field Personnel Management System, or Field Service Management Software. We would be happy to share our experience, and expertise of over a decade with you, to answer your queries, clear your doubts, and tell you how lucrative the realization of your ideas can be – in a friendly consultation, absolutely free of charge.

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