• November, 13 2020
  • by Ascentspark Software

With the advance of technology, there has been an exponential advancement in the importance and development of digital information, and image, audio, and video multimedia, alongside. In fact, text seems to be on its way to being replaced by audio visual information, which is fast becoming the preferred means of information exchange, and communication. 

Most of the businesses of the present times collect feedback related data from their clients in the form of

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Images

in place of Text. 

Though Text gets sidetracked by more modern means of going about business, the challenge business owners face is of

  • Analyzing
  • Categorizing
  • Deriving Insightful Observations

from multimedia data. 

How Audio/Video/Image Analysis Solutions Can Help Your Business

Audio/Video/Image Analysis Solutions enable businesses to extract insightful information from the multimedia data by analyzing it. Information relevant to the company and business is thus drawn from the data that is harnessed. Uncategorized, seemingly random data can get transformed into useful pieces of information and insights, helping you to

  • Automate Business Processes
  • Take Better Business Decisions
  • Provide Value To Customers

Features of Audio/Video/Image Analysis Solutions

Object, Scene, Activity Detection – Objects such as buildings, food items, vehicles, people, scenes such as beaches, gardens, and activities can be identified from a video frame, or image. For example, you can locate a tricycle in an image that shows hundreds of buildings and aero planes, if there ever was a tricycle anywhere there. Want to find out where the scene in a video is based? ‘Sea beach’ or ‘Shopping mall’ could be received as an answer, post analysis. 

Facial Detection And Recognition – Matching from a repository of self-uploaded images, you can recognize identities, or detect faces within images. You can find a particular person in a video or image where there might be a crowd of people.

Face Analysis – You can detect facial features, such as a smile, a beard, a pair of spectacles, etcetera. You can also derive advanced metadata like 

  • Age Range
  • Emotion

and so on from a video frame, or image. 

Celebrity Recognition – By matching against a pretrained database of popular celebrities, you can identify, or detect celebrities from a video frame, or an image. 

Unsafe Content Recognition – On the basis of configuration options, inappropriate content can be detected, and labeled. Accurate and robust content filtering is thus enabled. If you want to keep some sensitive information from your employees, or colleagues, it can be possible, if you want to conceal certain content in an image, or a video. What you can allow being viewed can be accurately controlled with the help of Image and Video Analysis.

Speaker Identification – You can identify the number of speakers from an audio stream. You can also determine which sentence is being spoken by which speaker. Accurately. 

Voice Emotion Analysis – Within an audio clip, you can analyze and detect the emotion in the voice of each speaker – be that anger, sadness, happiness, or any other. 

Audio Fingerprinting – An audio fingerprint can be generated from an audio sample. You can also find out if, within a repository of audio files, any other file matches that audio fingerprint, for usage in copyright claims, or audio matching. 

Domains Where Audio/Video/Image Analysis Solutions Can Be Useful

  • Retail
  • Safety and Security
  • Health Care
  • Transport
  • Entertainment
  • Smoke and Flame Detection
  • Home Automation

There can, most certainly, be more ways that Audio/Video/Image Analysis Solutions can be used to take business ahead, and the more innovative the idea, the better can the outcome be. 

If you have any idea related to Audio/Video/Image Analysis Solutions and how they can be utilized further, or to further your business, feel most welcome to discuss the matter with us, at Ascentspark Software. We have the requisite experience, as well as expertise to tell you how your idea can work for optimum results, clear your doubts, if any, answer all your questions, and present you with the solutions that you have been seeking.

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