• October, 9 2020
  • by Ascentspark Software

A Field Personnel Management System, as the name signifies, is a system for keeping track of every component associated with the field operations of a company. 

Does your business rely on your staff visiting customers to deliver products, or to provide doorstep services? A Field Management Solution can be a very useful tool for you, in such cases. 

A Field Personnel Management System can assist you to run your business smoother, and here are some of the ways how.

Assignment Suggestions

You can have the system programmed such that it can present Assignment Suggestions, based on parameters such as the 

  • Type
  • Experience
  • Proximity to Service Location
  • Current Workload

of personnel. 

Task Assignment and Tracking

Personnel can get notification of tasks assigned to them via an app installed in their iOS, or Android phones, as well as through mail. 

Management of Personnel and Types

The various personnel in your business can be managed with efficiency, and assigned different types in accordance with their

  • Work Area
  • Expertise.

Real Time Route Suggestions

Field personnel can be provided real time route suggestions, based on

  • Current Traffic Condition
  • Routes 
  • Number of Stops to be Fulfilled during the Day.

This move can save a lot of time, money, and energy.

Live Re-routing and Adjustment

In case there is a change in real time situation, like a sudden traffic blockage, or the non-availability of a customer, or an emergency, the software solution can re-route personnel to stop the gap; or select the most suitable route possible under the circumstances.

Performance Report of Personnel 

The software can provide performance report of the personnel in relation to criteria like

  • Time Management
  • Route Efficiency
  • Delays
  • Target Achieving Percentage

This can enable your business to have a thorough insight into the overall performance achieved. 

If you want to manage your staff more effectively on the field, a Field Personnel Management System can be just the tool that you are searching for. This solution can make your Field Management very adaptive, and efficient. 

When you have a fully customized Field Personnel, or Field Service Management System, you can have a proper communication in between the management, employees, and customers. A consistent workflow is thus ensured, which boosts a company’s working efficiency. 

Reduction in Costs

The right management software can assist you in resolving loopholes in the revenue collection of your business, be you in the

  • Logistics
  • Construction
  • Plumbing

or any other industry. 

With closer insights and reports, you can improve performance by cutting redundancies and optimizing inventory, when you come to know the most, and the least valuable assets of your company. 

Augmentation of Customer Satisfaction

More efficient management of personnel can result in quicker, more efficient, more flawless work, bringing about happier customers who want to stay loyal to your service/s and / or product/s, and give you word of mouth publicity that even money cannot buy. 

Faster Invoicing

One of the greatest plus points of a Field Service Management System can be faster Invoicing. All the job details can be sent in by technicians, to be entered – automatically – into the system. Important information such as

  • Parts Replaced
  • Materials Used
  • Time Spent

can be recorded instantly. 

A Field Personnel Management System, or a Field Service Management Software can help you to streamline workflow, and have processes automated. As a result, flexibility can be increased, customer satisfaction can be given a boost, and revenue can rise. 

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