What Is The Most Important Decision Before Mobile App Development And Why


You are contemplating a mobile app development, and you want to start the best way. On the best footing. And take all the right decisions – even BEFORE the word ‘go’ -- so that more than half the battle is won even before your app goes into making.

No – this is not over-ambitious, bordering on the implausible. No-matter what the naysayers might tell you. You are thinking right, and you certainly can transform your ambition to reality.

We are here to help you with just that.

What do you think is the primary decision that you should take before beginning to develop a mobile application for the betterment of your business?

Is it:

  • Whether you should go for a Web App, Native App, or Hybrid App?
  • Your budget?
  • The timeframe?
  • The purpose of the app?
  • How to beat all competition?
  • The marketing strategy?

None of the above.

Your most important decision would be the APPROACH that you want to take, as you go for developing the app.

The choice to make, in this case:

1) To take a Minimum Viable Product approach and get a Hybrid App developed – QUICKLY – that can be released across platforms


To stun and draw users by coming up with a Native App to integrate into their chosen platform – iOS or Android

The matter is not about Native or Hybrid or Web. It is about your APPROACH. This approach is the most important decision you have to take. Much before you debate on the type of app that you would have to select, to match your approach.

What you need to keep in mind are the facts that

  • Knowing which choice might lead to what result/s is of the highest importance
  • Customer Experience should be your primary concern as it can, alone, decide and seal the fate of your app
  • Main factors impacted by the two above-mentioned approaches –
  • Release cycles
  • Website Performance
  • Speed to Market


  • User Experience

A question you need to answer clearly -- in order to zero in on your approach -- is whether you want to market your mobile application as soon as possible, or get it right, first.

Are you trying to beat / catch up with your competitor/s? Or is it that you have chanced upon an opportunity previously untapped, and want a mobile app working, at the earliest, to make the most of it?

The answer to the above questions would decide whether you would prefer a Web, Native, or Hybrid App.

Whichever approach you decide on, you need to remember the fact that your users are going to EXPECT a perfectly working application, and a faultless UX. They are not going to care which approach you have chosen, and for what reason. This is WHY your APPROACH is the most important decision for you to make before you go for developing a mobile application.

Your users would expect your mobile application to be intuitive and responsive, no matter which approach you adopt.

A major factor to consider as you decide on which approach to take would be the internal dynamics of your company, and release cycles. We need to think about your strategy towards developing an app. Do you prefer a waterfall approach (that has a turn-around time of several months) or do you run a program taking an agile approach to mobile development (releasing working software at frequent, short intervals)? The reason these dynamics are considered important is that the frequency with which you believe in moving things to production will have an effect on how you go about it.

In case you wish to know more on this matter, or want to have some experienced, expert advice on which approach you should adopt for your mobile application development, contact us at Ascentspark. You can always get a customized solution from our team.

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