• November, 20 2020
  • by Ascentspark Software

You know a Custom Search Engine is – literally, too – the talk of the town. Almost everyone is discussing it. Many want it as a Solution to a lot of situations that their businesses face on a regular basis. Now, the point is, how can a Custom Search Engine help YOU to succeed more?

Let us delve a little deep into this discussion.

What IS a Custom Search Engine?

Web Developers make the use of Custom Search Engines to enable visitors to search within their sites. Custom Search Engines can prove especially helpful in the case of large websites, when one needs to access some information at the earliest, without accessing the navigation system.

The term ‘Search Engine’ can, in most cases, bring to mind ‘Google’, ‘Yahoo Search’, or ‘MSN Search’. However, there are innumerable private custom search engines for fulfilling the purpose of relevancy.

Why is Relevancy important for Search Engines?

Search Engines have to heed relevancy in order to

  • Remain in the reckoning
  • Keep traffic from reaching rivals
  • Carry on a productive business

What are the Plus Points of a Custom Search Engine?

Web search results can get influenced by Custom Search Engines. Custom search can decide which websites are to be included in a certain search result. The way search results are presented can also get customized. The ranking of pages, thus, gets influenced. Some pages can get more prominence, or importance, over others.

Keywords can be added to a simple, custom search engine. Individual pages can get boosted, if they contain the keywords that have been chosen.

In search results, promotions created for certain queries can move up a certain page. This helps in the case of

  • Promotion of Products
  • Announcements
  • Discovery of Content
  • Events
  • Services

Query refinement for search results can also be created by Custom Search.

Features of Custom Search Engine Solutions

  • Fast, Robust Searching. You can create relevant, fast, scalable search data discovery experience with the help of customized Data Points.
  • Phoenetic Searching. Instead of relying on spelling alone, keywords can be searched for, on the basis of pronunciation, and phrases that sound similar.
  • Geo Location Based Searching. Results can be sorted on the basis of distance. Results within a certain geographical area, or within a certain distance from a location, can be searched for.
  • Custom Weighted Searching. Logic for weighing or prioritizing search results on the basis of several criteria can be defined easily.
  • Easy Integration With Application. You can easily integrate indexing and searching workflow within the application that you already have, with minimal overhead.

Relevant, Robust, Blazing Fast Search Capabilities to Your App

Custom Search Engine Solutions can help you to bring relevant, robust, blazing fast search capabilities to your application.

At Ascentspark Software, our elastic Search Based Custom Search Engine Solutions can enable you to index and search through large Data Sets in your app. You can provide relevant information within a minimal period of time, without having to put much stress upon your main application.

A Custom Search Engine can be just the right Solution, when you have a large set of Data to search through, or some specific requirements for search that standard Data Based Queries are unable to fulfill.

Want to deliver a robust, and fast search and discovery experience? Want a lightning fast search engine for your customers? Get in touch with us at Ascentspark Software. We have the requisite experience and expertise related to Custom Search Engine to provide you with the answers, advice, guidance, and Solutions that you have been waiting for.

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