• December, 4 2020
  • by Ascentspark Software

Want to know how a Custom Analytics System can help your Business Growth? 

Let us put it this way: 

If you are on the web and functioning without Analytics, for all you know, you might be losing money. It might not be incorrect to state that Analytics are one of the major pillars of the Digital Marketing Industry. Most of the Business Decisions that are taken could not have come into existence without Data – and a Custom Analytics System can enable you to gain an effective insight into your Business Data.

What are Analytics?

  • Discovering 
  • Interpreting
  • Communicating

meaningful patterns within Data is known as Analytics. 

When Analytics is looked at from the angle of Internet Marketing, the matter involves

  • How users interact with your site
  • User Demographics
  • The Mapping of Conversion Paths


At times, Marketers look at ‘Web Analytics’ and ‘Marketing Analytics’ separately. 

Web Analytics are associated with metrics that are website-specific, like

  • Page views per visit
  • How much time is spent on a certain page
  • Page load times

and so on. 

Marketing Analytics have to do with 

  • Sales Funnel
  • Overall Traffic
  • Leads Converted
  • Leads Acquired


You need to have a good idea of both Marketing Analytics and Web Analytics, if you want to take the right, fully informed decisions related to your Web Presence, and Performance. 

Why are Analytics important?

Important marketing decisions, perhaps, cannot, and should not be made without the base and support of Analytics. You might do something unique that might work for your business; but unless you know WHY it worked, can you be able to rest assured that the same move is going to work the next time, or every time? Or, whether it would be wise to invest more time, money, and efforts on that move, or would it be a better idea to try something else altogether? 

Analytics help you to quantify the effects of bringing about changes in your Marketing Strategy. If you want to improve and optimize your online marketing campaigns, Analytics can come of invaluable help. 

One of the greatest things Analytics can do for your Business Growth is to show you, through Data, what your strengths and weaknesses are. 

Let us use an example here. 

Suppose you run a blog for your business. With the help of Analytics, you can find out which type of posts can provide the most value to the readers, and bring more traffic to your site. 

Analytics can help you to find out which blog posts attract less traffic, which attract more, which have a low bounce rate, which have a high bounce rate, and such important matters. 

Analytics can help you thus:

Gathering Data that Matters to Your Business – You can define your data points, define when, and how you prefer to collect data, and receive insights which are meaningful for your business. 

Real Time Analytics – You can be able to capture real time analytical data while users are in the process of interacting with your website, or app. 

AI Driven – Concepts of Data Science and AI can be brought into use, to draw insights from your data. This can help you take better business decisions. 

Predictive Analysis – Techniques like Predictive Analysis, Predictive Maintenance, and Machine Language Modeling for Extrapolation can be used for analyzing your data. 

Easy Integration – A standalone workflow can be used to gather data and inferences that can get easily integrated with your current system, and workflow, with minimal coding efforts for your Android devices, iOS devices, and web applications.

Whether you have a retail store, an insurance company, or any other business, you need to have the CORRECT DATA to drive business decisions. A positive or negative outcome for a business can depend on getting the correct insight from the data that has been gathered. 

A Custom Analytics System can be designed specifically for the purpose of analyzing your business, and determining the correct data points necessary for meaningful insights that can drive such business decisions as can improve your ROI.

Want to know more about Custom Analytics System, and how it can help YOUR business growth to improve? You are most welcome to get in touch with us at Ascentspark Software. We have the requisite experience, and expertise, to answer your questions, clear your doubts, and provide you with the right Solutions. 

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