• April, 26 2023
  • by Ascentspark Software

Dear Marvel fans,

Your wish to be a superhero has been granted and here is you chance to save the world while you get fit alongside your favourite heroes and heroines.



Well, Marvel didn’t write this letter, but the intention is completely that. Recently, Marvel announced the launch of its new mobile fitness app named Marvel Move. It features ultra-immersive audio-based exercise routines with the favorite and popular Marvel characters.

What is Marvel Move?

Marvel Move is part of a collaborative project with Six to Start who are the co-creators of the fitness app named Zombies, Run! In this fitness app, users are made to experience themselves as the main character of an apocalypse and are shown running away from deadly zombies. So that gets the users to run!

Marvel’s new fitness app, Marvel Move, also works in a similar fashion, however, there are likely to be five storylines for users to choose from:

  • Thor & Loki: Asgard 5K Training – This storyline is with Loki and Thor where users get 24 completely voiced workouts over the span of eight weeks. The program is designed by experts in order to train the users for a 5K. Genius Move!
  • Daredevil: Terminal Degree – This story features new students at a highly qualified law school where they meet the Daredevil. Their task is to help him bring down dangerous criminals in the underworld
  • The Hulk: Hulkville – In this lineup, the users have to run from the authorities with Betty Banner and Bruce who are trying to hide Hulk from the world. Very interesting and smart!
  • Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch: In Dreams – This storyline is an audio tour guide which involves being with Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch. In this, the users need help them escape from a place they have never been to before
  • X-Men: Age of ORCHIS – Users, in this storyline, are made to work alongside the X-Men; interesting right? This event takes place in Krakoa where the X-Men along with the users, are required to take down the villains. This lineup features X-Men characters like Storm,  Wolverine, and Jean Grey among several others

Marvel’s Move!

Six to Start and Marvel have claimed that all the workouts are for different kinds of users with different demands. Hence, they can either choose to walk, run, jog, or even get a track on their activity while in a wheelchair. 

Marvel Move is said to allow its users having complete control over the distance and time of their workouts along with being able to slow down or increase their workout time and routines. It is set to launch soon on Android and iOS devices. Marvel Move is likely to be available through Six to Start’s upcoming ZRX app and is likely to cost around $74.99 per year. 

What Marvel says!

Marvel fans have a deep connection to the storylines in the comics, so we’re very excited for them, along with our newer fans, to experience new adventures with the characters they know and love,” cited Ryan Penagos, Marvel Vice  President & Creative  Executive, in a statement to a news agency. 

So, are you Marvel fans excited for your new fitness journey with heroes and the villains?

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