Adaptive Bitrate Streaming And What You Want To Know


Video Streaming is the talk of the town, so to say – no matter which the sphere – be it Education, Ecommerce, or, of course, Entertainment. It helps if you know all you need to about the subject of video streaming, then – and various aspects related to it -- so that you can make informed decisions in case you want to venture into the business of video streaming, or work on the development of your company dealing with it.

Let us take a close look at Adaptive Bitrate Streaming here. It has been gaining in popularity, and you would perhaps find the following information useful.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming is a technique that is employed to dynamically adjust the video quality, and compression level of a video stream for the sake of matching the availability of bandwidth. Adaptive Bitrate Streaming is also referred to as ABS, or ABR streaming.

One of the reasons for the widespread popularity of ABR streaming is that no matter what the device, software, or connection, it can give you the best video quality, and, resultantly, viewer experience that can be made possible. Most of these streams get delivered with the help of HTTP-based technologies such as Apple’s HLS, and MPEG DASH.

ABS --The Super Bowl MVP?

If reports are to be believed, ABS is being hailed as the ‘real MVP (Most Valuable Player)’ of the Super Bowl 2019. Want to know why?

7 million viewers had – reports be relied upon – streamed the Super Bowl 2019, whereas the Super Bowl had reputedly been attracting one of the least numbers of television audiences previously. Why and how the ‘game changing’ improvement? ABS is being given the credit for it.

This year, there was a 70% augmentation in the video streaming spectators of the Super Bowl, since 2018. Viewers were amongst the ones relaxing on a beach and watching the video on an iPad, or maybe watching the game on a laptop while awaiting a connecting flight someplace, or even watching the game streaming on their cell phones while spending time within a ski lodge.

The noteworthy fact is that no matter where the viewers were, the video streaming reached their devices in almost real-time delivery, and with the least amount of buffering. No wonder Adaptive Bitrate Streaming was being hailed and lauded for conveying the Super Bowl 2019 to the screens of the viewers.

It was demonstrated – past doubt – that ABS was required when it came to connecting video streams with users, no matter where they were.

In the case of the Super Bowl 2019, the video streams, courtesy ABS, adapted dynamically to fit the internet speed, as well as the screen size of every viewer. The ones with a high-speed internet connection got to watch a higher resolution version of the game. The ones watching the game on their mobiles – with a poor connection -- on the other hand, did not have to wait for the game to load.

How ABS Can Help You

  • It can deliver high quality video streams to viewers who have excellent processing power and bandwidth
  • It can accommodate those viewers who cannot enjoy much power or speed while watching a video streaming.

Multiple streams at various resolutions and bitrates are created with the help of a transcoder, instead of creating one live stream, at one single bitrate. A media server software gets this done with ease.

Playback on different bandwidths is made possible by multiple renditions. The media server, employing utmost efficiency, dispatches video streams of the best possible quality, given a viewer’s connection speed, and device.

The Outcome

  • No video stream interruptions
  • No buffering.

With the improvement in a viewer’s signal strength, the video stream adjusts, dynamically, to present a rendition of an improved quality.

If you want to reach your target viewers – wherever they might be at any point of time – Adaptive Bitrate Streaming is something you should consider. Especially since viewers – EVERYWHERE -- EXPECT to be reached by video streaming, ever since ABS has come into existence, and prominence.

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