• July, 3 2020
  • by Ascentspark Software

Video Streaming has been gaining in importance not-so-slowly, and most steadily – especially over the last few months, since when Lockdowns have been the order of the day, so to say. 

We have been combating the Coronavirus Crisis with Lockdowns, and Social Distancing – with most of us working from home, most students learning online, most educational institutions shut, theatres, multiplexes, stages closed – you get the picture. Of the things that have been keeping us going is Video Streaming. Be that used for Education, E-commerce, or, but of course, Entertainment, Video Streaming has been immensely effective, a lifesaver (quite literally, too!), and a huge success. Let us take into account, here, how a Video Streaming App can benefit a TV production. 

You must be aware of the fact that over the last few years, there have been several big television companies that have come up with mobile apps, to enable their viewers to watch TV content either on demand, or live. Mobile apps are also designed, and developed, for the promotion of TV shows, and to extend their experience over their fan-following.  

Local TV channels, too, can follow such trends to benefit their business. They, too, can have a video streaming app in place for the streaming of TV content. 

TV apps such as 

  • Fox Now
  • CBS All Access
  • HBO Now
  • Watch Food Network

are offered by TV companies – providing complete access to the contents of their channels. 

Users get to save money by using paid subscription-only applications, as they are not required to buy the entire cable TV package – instead, they can save money by subscribing only to the channel that they prefer to watch. 

There are companies such as the British ITV – with ITV Essentials, and ITV Hub – that offer freemium models. In this kind of subscription, advertisements are not included in the broadcast. There have also been applications dedicated to prominent TV shows like ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘America’s Got Talent,’ and the likes. The main purpose of such apps is to 

  • Promote the TV production
  • Accumulate feedback
  • Expand the experience of the viewers

What can a video streaming app do for a TV production?

Wondering how your TV company can gain from a video streaming app? Let us look deep into the matter, to come up with the answers most apt for you. 

First and foremost, we need to consider that it might not be the best idea to shift the entire broadcasting list of your channel to the format of mobile live streaming; that might prove to be too expensive, and too impulsive a move. A better idea, instead, would be to develop a video streaming app that would be dedicated to that product of yours which is the most popular. Think of that product of yours, which has the strongest emotional connect with your audience. This step will result in you being able to retain your present audience better and surer, and also in you being able to acquire more intrigued viewers, likely to turn loyal. 

Let us look at some of the Features that can enable a Video Streaming App to benefit your TV production: 


  •  Mobile Access. When your TV production is expanded to mobile devices, your viewers will be able to access their favorite content from anywhere, and at any time. Your broadcast range shall expand, too, both demographically, as well as geographically. 
  • Live Or On Demand Video. Your viewers shall be able to re-watch earlier streams – stored in a cloud – on demand. You shall not require server capacities of too great a significance, if you decide to have a smaller application that is dedicated to a single show alone. You shall have to augment your server-side expenses if you stream all your TV content live, though. 
  • Unified System For Login. When you have the unified login system in place, users find it simpler to add connections from additional social networks. It gets more comfortable for new users, too, if they get the options from your application to be able to log in swiftly, by using their existent social network profiles. 
  • Accumulating Audience Feedback. You might be aware of the fact how difficult it can get for a TV broadcaster to know, for sure, what the audience is thinking of their production. A mobile application, on the other hand, can provide you with ways for getting a clear idea of audience engagement, and feedback. 


  • App Analytics Tools can keep a track of user engagement, as people interact with the app, and watch the broadcasts. This helps you to take informed decisions regarding ways to make your TV and mobile products better. 
  • User Polls User polls gain you genuine feedback on your show/s. You can also engage your audience deeper by inviting them to play a part in influencing the future of your broadcasts, through voting. 


  • Notifications. You can make use of Push Notifications to inform your viewers of important, and interesting events that they can view on your channel. You can also remind your audience of upcoming viewings, etcetera. A Notification dispatched at the right time can make sure that your viewers do not miss fresh episodes. These help you to keep your audience interested in your content, too. 
  • Uniqueness Of Content. The TV audience can get motivated to go for your mobile product, if your app can present content that is unique, exclusive, and well-structured. There are various TV channels that provide access to their contents online, via social media, and / or video hosting services, such as YouTube. This can, however, make the content non-unique, scattered, and therefore, difficult to locate. 
  • Social Features. Social elements seem to be part and parcel of every modern mobile application. If you want to develop a community of devoted, active, engaged viewers, this feature just has to be there. Users can be encouraged to interact with each other within your application, and discuss episodes, or take part in polls. They can also be given the scope to invite their friends from social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and so on. 


These, certainly, are not the only advantages that can be there of having a video streaming app to aid your TV production ahead. That a video streaming app can be a major solution today is a given. What you need to know for sure now is how you can develop THAT video streaming app which can enable you to rest assured that you would attain success, even in the current competitive market

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