6 UI UX Top Trends For Your Mobile App


You have been planning to make a mobile application to reach out to your customers and provide service. That is a great idea, indeed – but did you know that as per a shocking report, 60% of mobile applications are never downloaded? Of the remaining 40% that are, 21% has been used only once in the last year. We are sure you would not want your mobile application to join these ranks.

There can be various reasons that people have for not downloading an app. What we need to do is make sure that your app is far removed from each and every one of these.

The absence of an intuitive UI (User Interface) can be one of the vital causes behind people refusing to download certain apps; therefore, the first thing that you need to do is work upon the UI UX or User Interface User Experience of your mobile application, paying special attention to the top trends, so that you stay not only with the times, but also ahead of competition.

Top 6 UI UX Trends

  1. Faultless Design Interface: Your mobile application should aim at giving the user a perfect interface, and experience. The page has to load comprehensively, minus any change whatsoever. Mind you, every year there is an improved version – in case you are thinking that this trend is nothing but a ‘regular thing that everybody knows and just a continuation of the previous versions’. You should either bring about that improvement, or adopt it.
  2. Custom Illustration Interface: This 2018 popular trend continues to be popular even today. Through this kind of an UI, the app gets a more distinctive identity, as it has some illustrations that seem hand-made, with unique figures, shapes, and styles.
  3. Voice Assisted Interface: It is believed that by 2020, 50% of the searches shall be voice-based. Users prefer to have buttonless options for having their work done. Google Home and Alexa seem to dominate the world of voice assistance now. The user needs to sign in a voice-actuated app. S/he does not require to enter a security key or click any catch.
  4. Split Screen: One of the hottest trends today. This allows more user interaction, and the idea of being able to use two screens at the same time – be that on phones or websites -- is not only appealing, but also full of possibilitiues. There had been a short hiatus after which this trend has returned, now more potent than ever before.
  5. 3D Designs: 3D used in interfacing can make the design more impactful. It is working perfectly with movies, and games. Skeuomorphism can return with fanfare as a trend soon, as animation and 3D designs can be combined.
  6. Full Screen Background Images:Such images attract and engage the user, especially once s/he starts browsing through different pages.

Why You Need To Follow These Trends

  • For Smoother Navigation: The newer the UI trend followed, the better can the UX be. Users get a faster loading speed, and much smoother navigation.
  • Beating Increasing Competition: Competition increases every minute. You have to either bring about the latest trend, or follow it, to remain in the reckoning.
  • For Greater Brand Promotion: App UI UX are there to promote your brand and business; and the better they are, the greater can be the promotion, with more and more people getting attracted to your app, using it, giving it superlative reviews, augmenting its ratings, and bringing your product considerable word of mouth publicity.

The main thing that you need to keep in mind is that you can hardly get a second chance at making a great impression on the end users – therefore make the best of the first one.

Trends related to mobile apps and wearable devices will forever get upgraded with technology. Improvements thus brought in are going to provide fresh learning curves for designers and developers, who would prefer to work with newer and better tools, for more exciting, and rewarding results.

The competition bar has raised itself. A mere bi-annual updating of your app might not be sufficient for the level of success that you prefer. Of course, there can be a mobile application UI UX solution just tailor-made for your business, and you are most welcome to contact us at Ascentspark, if you want to know more about the possibilities. After all, it is time you readied yourself to welcome fresh challenges and be sure to attain success every time you created a mobile application.

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