• January, 22 2019
  • by Ascentspark Software

Image And Video Recognition, or Computer Vision, a very important aspect of Artificial Intelligence, is increasingly being used by businesses to simplify, enhance, or augment existing processes.

An Adoriasoft report states, ‘Researchers predict that the global market of image recognition will reach $38.92 billion by 2021’ and ‘corporations and startups as Tesla, Google, Uber, Adobe Systems etc. heavily use image recognition.’

Let us now take a look at some of the scenarios in which Image and Video Recognition can be leveraged.

Image Recognition Solutions are as follow:

Facial Recognition and Analysis

Facial Recognition and Analysis can help you identify a particular person or more from a picture or video of several people.

You can also detect facial features, clothing, movement paths, and other details from Images, Stored Videos, or a Live Video Feed.

Object, Scene and Activity Detection

You can be able to identify thousands of objects, scenes, and activities in an image or a video.

For example, if you are looking for a bicycle in an image or a video that shows hundreds of cars, buses, and buildings, you can find that bicycle if there ever is one in the picture.

Have no idea what one man is giving the other one in a video? ‘Handing a parcel’ could be the information that you would receive.

Analyzing a video, and you want to know where a scene is based? ‘Shopping Mall’, ‘Parking Lot’ or ‘Beach’ could be the answer that you would get.

Unsafe Content Detection

Need to conceal certain content in a video or image asset? For example, is there some sensitive information that you would prefer to keep from your viewers, employees, colleagues, or children? With the help of Image and Video Analysis you can identify content that could be potentially inappropriate, or unsafe, and accurately control what you want to allow being viewed.

Text Recognition

Spot and recognize texts such as street names, hoardings, license plates, product names, etc. in images and videos. This can work with real world images, as it has been built specifically for that purpose.

Face Matching for Security/Attendance Systems

Face Matching for Security and Attendance Systems is a grave requirement that can be fulfilled with ease and accuracy. Keeping a check for security, and keeping a track of attendance can be made possible by matching faces in images and videos that might be featuring hundreds of entities.

Face Verification

Face Based User Verification can be made possible, and easy. Extremely useful for security maintenance, attendance, law and order, even domestic work, and much more.

Sentiment Analysis

You can be able to analyze the various attributes of faces in videos and images, such as the mood – happy, sad, angry, etc. – gender, age-range, whether there are glasses on, whether there is a beard on the face, whether the eyes are open or shut, and so on.

In the case of videos, you can also keep a track of how facial attributes alter over time. For example, you can develop a timeline of an actor’s emotions.

Search Via Image

Are you looking for something that you do not know the name of, and neither can you describe, or articulately explain in a text search box? Search Via Image can come to your rescue here.

This is not something like Google Home, Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and the rest.

This is like taking a few pictures of the thing that you have in your mind, and sending them to the search engine to help you find it. With the help of the Image-based AI, the search would break up the image sent by you into various components. It would then leave it to you to decide the component/s that you deem most important. Suppose you have a coat, and a hat to go with it. You are now looking for matching footwear that would incorporate a bit of the design that is there on the hat, as well as the coat. You have no idea whether such footwear even exists anywhere. An Image-based Search can find the answer for you. The Image AI gathers an idea of the brand and budget that you have in mind -- without your giving any such information. The database can understand which brand/s your coat and hat are from, and that is how it understands the sort of brand/s and budget that you would like to go for. The Search Via Image AI can then find you footwear that can match your attire, brand/s, and budget.

In effect, Search Via Image can help you find things that you cannot name, describe, or know where to get from. If a thing in your mind exists anywhere at all, Search Via Image can find it for you.

You can well realize that the possible applications of Image Recognition Technology are endless. Amazon’s Rekognition, Facebook’s DeepFace, Microsoft’s Project Oxford, and Google’s TensorFlow are some prime examples of Deep Learning Image Recognition Systems.

Some of the domains where Audio Video Content Analysis can be used are:

  • Safety and Security
  • Smoke and Flame Detection
  • Home Automation
  • Health Care
  • Entertainment
  • Transport
  • Retail

and others. Also Video Motion Analysis could be brought into use for scenarios such as:

  • Task Performance Analysis
  • Gait Analysis
  • Sports Replays


As you can see, Image and Video Recognition can be used in many ways to enhance your business.

Image and Video Recognition can be used to

    (1) Dynamically Insert Ads in Videos

More native-based, localized, powerful, and personalized approach to advertising can become a reality. On the basis of the demographics, language, and geography of a viewer, AI can insert a relevant ad into a pre-produced video, dynamically.

Video content producers would not need to stay confined to and dependent on one specific advertiser, either. They can keep certain areas vacant in their videos, so that inserted images can be incorporated.

Advertisers can dynamically insert their products into ‘placeholders’.

    (2) Help Ads get better Targeted

Advertisers can now get more help in increasing brand awareness and engagement. Computer Vision is being used by startups in the social media and sports marketing worlds to present more personalized ads before consumers. If an advertiser makes various kinds of products, s/he can present a sofa-set before a person who is looking for interior design ideas on the net. To another who is looking for dinner table decoration ideas, the advertiser can present cutlery or vases. All in real time.

    (3) Help Coaches with Game Reviews

Artificial Intelligence can automate the manual process of reviewing a video. It can skip going through an entire game, pick out some specific players, and send them customized videos containing only those clippings that would be relevant to them.

This can simplify a coach’s life to a great extent.

    (4) Assist in Searching

From finding people in a crowd to the right hair clip to go with your outfit, you can search for and find most anything. That could include roads, cities, and birds, too.

    (5) Simplify Home Automation

An article in infoworld.com informs, ‘Home automation has existed for a long time since the days of X10, timed lights, and the promise of smart homes from several manufacturers, but it saw little in the form of mass adoption. Google Home, Alexa, and other devices have made lighting and home entry an easier project for homeowners. These smart assistants are allowing people to use their voice to simplify interaction with their home, such as lighting, heating, and even entry.

With AI, adding computer vision can take the spoken or app-based interaction out of the equation for even more ease of use. For example, the home could see you pulling into the garage and automatically turn up the heat, or turn it off as it senses you leaving. Taking this AI vision into businesses, the HVAC system could save companies more money as it sees more people entering a room or in a certain part of the office and only cooling those areas or rooms. And, as it senses (“sees”) more people entering a conference room, it could automatically turn up the cooling to offset the increased body heat.’

To Sum Up

Image and Video Recognition could be THE Solution that you need to save and make more money, keep better track of goings on, enjoy greater comfort, save time, energy, work, and more.

How would you like to incorporate Image and Video Recognition in improving your business?

We, at Ascentspark, would love to hear your ideas, and offer solutions completely customized to increase your ROI.

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