• July, 10 2020
  • by Ascentspark Software

That an E-commerce App is a basic necessity for business today is a foregone conclusion. If not the modern technology alone, the current times are making an E-commerce App virtually (pun unintended) indispensable for almost any business that wants development. The Coronavirus Threat has rendered E-commerce one of the only ways for business to continue to combat the Economic Slowdown, and E-commerce needs an E-commerce App to reach its full potential. The equation is just this simple.

Let us throw more light on how exactly an E-commerce Application can benefit your business, to expedite the process of it. 


  • Contactless Payment to Combat the COVID-19 Threat 


You know all about the COVID-19 threat in the air, the Lockdowns, the Social Distancing, the Stay Home, Stay Safe, Go Digital – et al. 

Contactless Payment is one of the safest ways of carrying on with business, so to say, and an E-commerce App makes this possible. 

The Coronavirus Pandemic has made it necessary for us to avoid going out, touching things that we are not sure how many others have touched already, and staying in confined spaces with other people, in general. It can be exceedingly reassuring, then, to be able to make payments through our own smartphones that can replace credit cards, and cash, courtesy Payment Apps. The Mobile Contactless Payments Technology, through Payment Apps, presents

  • Speed
  • Ease

and, most of all,

  • Security.

Such an app can save your customers from spending extra moments in a shop or store, taking money, or credit cards out of their wallets, or counting coins. Just putting the smartphone to the Payment Terminal can get transactions done. 


  • Improvement of Customer Experience, and Retention, and Acquisition of Customers


Even though a mobile application can be looked upon as ‘just a facsimile of the extant website’, it can improve customer experience, retain current customers, and acquire more of them, by virtue of being

  • Personalized
  • Extremely Optimized
  • Smartly Designed.

There are certain distinct advantages that a mobile shopping app has over a responsive website.

  • Access Offline. E-commerce Apps can present before their users certain basic functionalities – like checking the prices, or comparing products – offline. A smart device’s full-power performance can be brought to optimum use. 
  • Saving Loading Seconds. You know how much every second can matter in retail business. A visitor can leave a site that takes more than ‘mere’ three seconds to load, and, in all probability, ‘visit’ a rival. No entrepreneur, business owner, or manager would want that, now. App pages can bring in more clients – simply because they load quick, saving precious seconds. 
  • Freedom of Time and Place. Apps can be used any time, and at almost any place. Consumers love this freedom, and this mobility. 
  • Personalization of Content. The E-commerce App can keep previous orders, and shopping preferences of a customer, saved within itself. This information can be the base on which personalized offerings can be made to the client, endearing the business to him / her, and paving the way for more – even binge – purchases. 

Your business, and company can develop a burgeoning group of loyal customers, and audience, with the addition of an E-commerce App. 


  • Mobile Analytics 


With an E-commerce App in place, your business can make use of mobile analytics to further itself. Mobile functionality can enable you to monitor the interaction of users, providing you with relevant information related to them, like

  • Audience Composition
  • Length of Session
  • Responsiveness to a certain Content and Features
  • Feedback

This, in its turn, can help you in

  • Developing a Marketing Strategy that is advanced
  • Delivering Updates, and Improvements
  • Coming up with effective Promotional Campaigns
  • Creating Personalized Content

Data can be gathered and tracked easily in an E-commerce application. Detailed analytics can prove to be extremely useful for the progress of your company.


  • Development of Brand Reputation and Advertisement of Services


Mobile applications can serve to develop very strong associations between customers, and brands. Optimum use can be made of every such opportunity, by your business. You are aware of how users, through social networks, talk about their experiences as customers, seek feedback, and even share the links to the sites that they like. You can make all this work for your business, with the help of an E-commerce app and the good that it can do your business. Popular social media platforms can be integrated into your app, to enable customers express their views on your services, or products. Such a move can

  • Draw the Attention of Potential Clients
  • Advertise Products and Services
  • Build Brand Reputation

Push Notifications – with discounts, giveaways, special offers, etc. -- can be made smart use of. Mobile users can thus save money, and get encouraged to interact with your online store more and more. 

Push Notifications, cheap as they are, are very helpful, too. Important information related to your brand or products and services can reach your customers instantly through Push Notifications. Your customers can make purchases, or place orders immediately, as a result, causing your Sales to increase. 


  • Augmentation in Efficiency, and Revenue


Mobile apps are more user-friendly, and flexible. Though the implementation of them may seem somewhat steep from the financial aspect, they can assure quick ROI with / and increment in Sales. Here is how:

A good E-commerce App with the correct concept, and functionality, can, as a result, procure more clients.

More clients can bring more orders.

More orders can cause more income.

You know how the Mobile App Development Market has turned into a thriving niche ever since 2008, with the launch of Android Market (Google Play, currently) and the App Store. Available applications have been growing in number, ever since. 

As per report, the number of applications that can be downloaded on the chief mobile application distribution platforms has exceeded 4.4 million units in the first few months of the year 2020. 

In fact, Mobile Commerce or M-commerce is believed to have come into existence as a subset of E-commerce, since the requirement for qualitative mobile app design, and development, has been exceedingly high in the E-commerce industry. 

Consumers, after all, find it immensely convenient to place and pay for orders placed via hand-held devices such as smartphones, and tabs. Customers are particularly pleased with the idea and facility of having access to thousands of products from a large number of stores right in their hands and pockets – one of the main reasons why the trend of E-commerce Apps, and M-commerce, is gaining in popularity.

As per a report, sales through mobile devices, on a worldwide level, are estimated to reach more than $3 trillion in the year 2021, compiling more than 70% of the total E-commerce. 

This, more or less, throws light on the reasons why the development of mobile E-commerce application is among the highest popular directions that the IT world is looking out at, at present. 

Retailers can gain access to a wider audience with the aid of software solutions for mobile devices, which give retailers fresh channels via which they can connect with their customers. 

For most any business that wants to 


  • Attract Customers
  • Augment Sales
  • Develop a Thriving Trading Enterprise


having E-commerce solution/s is almost a basic requirement. 

If you are still wondering how an E-commerce App can prove advantageous for your business, do avail a free consultation with us to discuss your thoughts, doubts, ideas. Our experience and expertise can give you the right answers, and we can also provide you with customized solutions.

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