• February, 28 2020
  • by Ascentspark Software

It is a basic necessity of a VOD Platform to generate revenue; so as to continue the development and publishing of content, the quality and substance of which the audience can look forward to, and enjoy. However, one of the saddest missteps a video streaming company or business can take is to ready its content, and, without thinking twice, leap into adopting the revenue strategy which the prevailing leader/s in the market have been operating in accordance with.  

Knowing, and thus, selecting a CONDUCIVE revenue model can assist you to progress farther in your business – and this is the purpose for which we are discussing the four top Monetization Options for VOD / Video On Demand Platforms right now.

  1. Subscription-based Video On Demand -- SVOD

Users pay a certain amount of money for having limitless access to the video content that a platform presents. 

Subscription Options:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half-yearly
  • Annual

There can be auto-renewable subscriptions. Customers should have the freedom to undo their subscriptions at any time. 

Suitable for:

Movies, Entertainment Video Content, Pay TV Programming, Drama Series. 

  1. Transactional Video On Demand / Pay Per View – TVOD / PPV

Users need to pay a small amount of money to be able to watch a content for just a couple of times; post this period of time, the users need to purchase the content again in order to view it. 

Suitable for:

Films, Sporting Events, Live Programming, and Special Events.

  1. Advertisement-based Video On Demand -- AVOD 

Users can get to view your content for free. There can be advertisements appearing in-between the video streaming, and you can charge money for allotting space to these advertisements.

The revenue for playing an advertisement can be determined according to the time given to the ad, the content of the VOD platform, and the popularity factor. 

Suitable for:

Markets that are undeveloped – areas where subscribers are not used to paying money to view Video On Demand OTT Space, Videos, Serials, Sports, and Films.

  1. Combination Option 

Akin to an SVOD - TVOD Hybrid. A PPV can function along with a Subscription. Monetization can take place by adding advertisements within a Subscription model, or a Transactional one.

There can also be the option where Free Users can watch the video with the advertisements appearing in-between, whereas Premium Users can pay a subscription to watch the video ads-free.

Support related to Payment: 

  1. Unification with TelCos is a dependable support for payment. Your video subscription could be attached to the phone subscription of a Telecom Company.  Users could avail your video subscription as long as their subscription with that Telecom Company continued.

In the situation of Payment via TelCos, the VOD subscription figures of the users could be deducted from their phone balance. 

  1. Payment Gateways like PayPal, Square, etc. Ecommerce services that process payments made through credit cards. 

Are you still wondering which of these monetization options would benefit your video streaming company to the maximum? 

Get in touch with us at Ascentspark Software for a complimentary consultation on your best Monetization Options for VOD Platforms, or even for scheduling a demonstration. We are here to help you in the step by step development of a powerful, customized business model, based upon the monetization options mentioned here.

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